Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Facebook (for now).


Back to my social media musings. Each one of the “tools” in my Fab 4 have their pros and cons. Fred Wilson recently pointed out that email within Facebook and LinkedIn can be frustrating. He’s right. Email on Facebook is really just a form of IM. Would you reach out to a colleague with a “real” professional issue, strategy, idea or in-depth project in a long IM (with music)? I think not. The the whole “approval to forward” on LinkedIn…what a pain.

However, instead of comparing apples to oranges, I prefer to just appreciate each apple or orange for what its worth. I’m fairly utilitarian when it comes to these things: If it’s valuable, I will use it. Now, that’s not to say that the value proposition is static. Things change; this is the LIVE WEB after-all. And, I surely don’t need two apples (Think – Pownce and Twitter)!

But instead of a point-by-point comparison, I wanted to share my TOP 10 REASONS WHY I LOVE FACEBOOK (for now)….

10. I get to start my day with a few friendly pokes. :)

9. I get to add a song to an email if I want, thereby adding another layer of communication strategy on to my note. Again, this is really one-to-one IM. You can’t cc: anyone as far as I can tell.

8. My good friend from college who lives in MALTA just connected with me. Along with skype, Facebook makes keeping up my international friends and colleagues a heck of a lot easier (and cheaper).

7. When I “facebook” with my teenage niece and nephew, I feel ultra cool, and assure myself that I can keep up with the kids.

6. Birthdays are a snap! No additional reminders required.. It’s all right there. I can’t wait until my birthday on Facebook (October 3rd, btw…)

5. A lot of the people I know and work with are there. Not all, but a lot. In addition to working with affiliates, customers, partners, friends and family – I can also meet new colleagues and explore bus dev opportunities.

4. For NOW – it is a lot less ugly than MySpace and has less spam. Let’s see how that evolves. I already saw one flashing, vegas-style ad. Yikes.

3. Groups make life easier for a social butterfly like me: Chris Brogan has been quite prolific on the topic of why he moved Grasshoppers group off Facebook and onto Ning. For that group in particular, Ning rocks. For more amorphous collections and/or events, I think the volume I’ll get on Facebook is the way to go. Example – being a good alumna, I formed groups for my graduating classes for high school and college. I always get pulled into helping with reunions. Facebook will make planning a reunion or other general gathering a lot easier. That is.. if people keep logging in.

2. FEED ME SEYMOUR: It’s all about THE FEED!!! I love the feed. What a good way to quickly scan and see what’s goin’ through the collective consciousness. After all, this is a marketing TOOL. Great for branding, exposure and reach! This topic warrants an entire post. Ask Scoble how many people join groups after he joins them. The feed works.

1. My avatar doesn’t have to fly!

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gr8 write-up. I gotta say…I’m becoming a fan of facebook more and more. Don’t forget “cheap gifts.” Who knew a $1 present would make someone’s day?!

Facebook and myspace are replacing email. Despite what Fred Wilson has said… perhaps not for business related email where cc’ing’s a necessity [read EVIL.]

Email/IM through facebook guarantees you only get communication from “friends” … now your trusted email is only as good as your “friends” list. If you accept all invites, you’ll get your share of spam but if you keep your friends list pure (or mostly pure) … it’s a good way to communicate with friends and not get your messages lost in the spam folder.

I will say (in Fred Wilson’s defense) the notifications are annoying…like evites… “Look you have an email… click here to read it.” F*&K you… tell me what it said… so I don’t have to click through … that is annoying and is only done to build page views/imps in my humble opinion…. that’s so web 1.0!!! ;-)

Marc – I’m this close to shutting off notifications. If I’m checking FB regularly, why do I need them adding NO VALUE by sending me an email telling me to login? Break down those walls FB!

I forgot the free gifts. I love those (even the anonymous ones). You know my policy.. GIVE TO RECEIVE. Good Facebook karma is important!



It’s really hard to believe, but I’m finding that more of my younger coworkers are having a hard time embracing Facebook for what it’s becoming. The more senior staff at my PR agency are really enjoying life as a Facebooker. I think I must be right on the cusp, having joined Facebook post college. I think I had less skeletons in my Facebook closet to bury. I wonder if my younger coworkers just don’t want to have to sensor their profiles for the professional use. I think it’s nice that I get to show my colleagues a bit more of my personal life by exposing them to my profile. I say go transparent or don’t join at all.

And, yes, the gifts and pings are a nice bonus.

Hi Emily. Great note. Thanks! In my last post I touched on the overlap between personal and professional on social networks. I’m with you – I say authentic is the way to go. Obviously I’m in the business of personal brand building, but I think even within a corporate setting, there are benefits to posting and sharing your life (with good judgment of course).

If this was a “Dear IGG” etiquette column of Social Media – I’d recommend no pics of you puking at a bar. Fact is though, people tend to know these things. The internet adds another dimension of course, documenting it in all it’s pixelated glory.

Friend me! :)


Hey, wait a minute, what about the great people you never would have met if it weren’t for Facebook? J/K. It is a great medium without being creepy (ala myspace) for like minded people to connect.

Although I have to say, the “poke” works for a guy meeting a girl, or a girl meeting a guy, but how many straight guys are going to be using that feature to meet other guys? OK, a small rant there. Poking doesn’t have to be romantic and it’s mostly not, but somehow that terminology just doesn’t sit right.

I like the personal messages, and they really came to life when you can send people a song. I wish you could attach an mp3 instead of being an unnecessary affiliate arm for apple itunes, but nonetheless that 15 seconds sure is nice. Great post and great coverage of facebook!

How could I forget???!??? Cool Facebook Friends is really My #1 reason – I was just tryin’ to be clever and make a SecondLife joke. Blade Beltway (my SL identity) has flying issues. :)

As for the pokes: Well, there’s no question that the word is “charged.” But I try to look at it as good clean, silly fun. Please feel free to rant here though.. I love it.

See you inside the walled garden.


I can confirm after meeting Stephanie at a Tech Meetup, she is a very big Facebook’s fan. It will be interesting to see if the current wave of high emotional tie in and fanatical support that Facebook is currently experiencing will be the key to its success or failure. Will Facebook become an Apple who have enjoyed this kind of emotional response from its user base or will become just another internet fade, like PointCast, and quickly be forgotten once something else supersedes it?



Happy Early Birthday! ;-D

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