Announcing the Conversation Group!


I am very excited to announce my participation in the founding of The Conversation Group, a new global communications agency devoted to the art and science of participatory media – blogs, social networks, and other environments where people openly converse. Be sure to also check out Ted Shelton’s post (Managing Partner) and the full press release here.

I am writing this from Santa Barbara, CA where Commission Junction is hosting CJU 2007. At all of the affiliate marketing events I have attended this year, there has been a strong emphasis on understanding how new marketing channels like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter can increase sales and exposure for advertisers. Monetization of niche traffic sources has long been a focus in affiliate marketing. The Conversation Group will provide clients with products and services that help advertisers scale their ability to discover, engage and interact with their constituents, wherever they may be.

In other affiliate marketing news – CJU 2007 is off to a great start. As Shawn Collins reports, Commission Junction is breaking records for 2007! I’ll blog more later on the advertisers and publishers I”m meeting here in Santa Barbara. In a “relationship economy,” events like this are vital for enhancing all of our marketing efforts.

Why is it that CJ is winning business? What is it that makes this organization #1 right now in the space? What should an advertiser think about when evaluating the value of CJ, Performics and LinkShare? How will social media trends impact online sales and relationships with customers?

Stay tuned. Answers to those questions and many more, coming soon!

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Congrats, Stephanie. Looks like a great concept, and I’m eager to see where you all take the agency in the coming months and years!


Congrats Stephanie. Neato.

Wahooo!! Out of the gates and off to the races. It’s exciting and I couldn’t agree more that people are going to need lots of help harnessing the social channels. I like the name. Congratulations Stephanie and here is to a great ride!

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!

Looking forward to great things to come.


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