6 Handy Mobile Apps You Should Download For Your Travels

Traveling is probably one of the best ways to get away from our stressors even for just a little while. Sometimes, we would not even mind the effort that goes into booking flights and reserving room accommodations, we just want it to be the perfect vacation. We do not even mind other miscellaneous expenses; like for instance, getting the best travel insurance for a Singapore trip, or adrenaline-pumping places like Australia. If it meant getting the best out of our trip, we would probably do it at this point.

One of the other ways we prepare for our trip is downloading the right apps. We all know that there is an app for literally everything we do every day, and that obviously includes traveling. So we list down the best apps you can download before you practically start packing your bags and getting on board that plane.



This app is a language learning tool, kind of like Duolingo. It has 18 languages in its phrasebook, any of which will surely be helpful during your travels. Bravolol offers basic vocabulary but it does feature phonetic spelling, and they pronounce the words for you so that you will know how to say it. The best part about Bravolol is once you download it, you do not really need Internet connection to make it work.


Of course, how can anyone forget about one of the most popular photo sharing apps. The app is slowly becoming more of a platform where people show off their photography skills. So once you see a picturesque view or a beautiful backdrop, make sure to share the magic with everyone.


Snapchat is another photo sharing app with the intent on commenting on what is happening, currently, on that photo you took. It is definitely more personal than Instagram. If you want to share something about your travels exclusively to your friends, this is the best avenue for it.


This is the best app for frequent travellers. What it does is organize your flight details, hotel accommodation and so on. The best part about this app is that your friends or family members can follow you so they can get constant updates; perfect for when you are going to get picked up at the airport and your flight was suddenly delayed.


With this app you can download 7,000 guides and destination maps from around the world. They also feature articles in where you can go to and other itinerary suggestions. You can preload the maps and guides on your phone and access them without Internet connection.


Of course, a currency converter app is always helpful when travelling; especially if you are going to multiple destinations in one go. Just make sure to load all the currency conversions you will need so you can calculate it even without Internet connection.

So when you are about to pack your bags and go over important travel documents, make sure to pack these mobile apps with you as well. Pretty sure these apps will be able to help lessen the stress of travel and make it the most memorable trip you will ever have.