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Countdown to Internet Week NY – Clear your schedules June 1 – 8, 2009.


Last year I wrote my re-cap to Internet Week and described it as  “the start of something grand.”

Internet Week NY 2009 will undoubtedly prove me right. For those of you that don’t know about it, Internet Week New York is a week-long festival of events saluting New York’s thriving Internet industry and the many talented companies, organizations, and innovators creating the future of online media. It is presented by IADAS & The Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting.

This year, The TechSet and PepsiCo will be kicking off the week’s activities with the TechSet party on Monday June 1st (6 – 8 pm at the Bubble Lounge). PepsiCo’s commitment to bubbling up innovation will be on display all week. Stay tuned for other exciting announcements from PepsiCo soon!

It will be a busy week in the always busy Big Apple.  There are a range of events planned,  from educational to celebratory. Whether you want to pitch your start up or just add to your LinkedIn Network, Internet Week is sure to delight your digital sensibilities. Keep in mind, there are activities that suit every budget level as well.  While some of the conferences are more pricey, most events are free or cheap (though require sign up early).  Bookmark the ever-growing online schedule to stay up-to-date.

My list of don’t miss events include (please feel free to add more to the comments):

The Conversational Marketing Summit hosted by Federated Media ;  the NY Tech Meet Up Showcase and Monthly Event; Silicon Alley Insider’s Startup 2009; Mashable’s NextUp NYC: Social Media Marketing 101; the Digg MeetUp; Social Media Camp, hosted by the Social Media Club; Ignite NYC; and the Webby’s, which will be a star-studded line up again this year.

Lodging in NYC is never cheap, but the kind folks @InternetWeek have secured an excellent rate at the Standard Hotel – $235 while supplies last.  Also, you should check out The Roger Smith Hotel (for those of you who are mid-town inclined). Their “Roger Smith Life” and active Twitter account have made them a favorite for out-of-town blogger-types on a budget. Their rate for Internet Week NY is $165 / night (you really can’t beat that in NYC). Ask for the Internet Week Promo Rates at both locations.  But hurry – rooms will go fast.

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Deb Schultz: Go Fetch!

Well, this is the last of my 9 posts featuring the participants of the Windows Mobile Fantasy Application promotion. It took me a bit longer than I thought to do all 9 posts (but not so bad considering I decided to not post on weekends – that was delusional thinking given my busy personal life these days).  I have really enjoyed this process. Telling stories about colleagues that I know and respect is an honor. I also have enjoyed hearing your thoughts about their “mobile fantasy applications.”  Some readers have pointed out that some of these apps actually exist (if not in the US than at least in other countries). We all know that the US is behind in mobile.  Maybe we can turn that around one of these days. Maybe these exciting apps will help. I’ve saved Deborah Schultz for last. As the old saying goes.. best for last! (That and I went in order by row).  The greatest part of all of this has been researching links on all participants.  While we hang in person a lot, it is hard for all of us to stay on top of what we are all doing. Twitter helps for sure. You can read Debs’s twitter on @debs.

I’ve known Deb for over 10 years. We met during the 1.0 days back on the NYC tech scene where we worked on NYNMA projects together.  Her one line bio sums it up (but i highly recommend you read her about page as it’s extremely clever:

One line bio: Deborah has been inventing and innovating for over 15 years in emerging technologies – where people, technology and media intersect.

Deb thinks about social software through a very unique lense. Her motto… “Technology changes, humans don’t.”   Deb’s fantasy apps is based on one of the greatest human instincts, to make things EASIER and to get other people to help you complete a task.  Deb gives hommage to the old “Fetch” application in her title (Remember Fetch?). As Deb points out in this video, “Shopping online is not effiicient, buying online is.” I’ve heard that they have this type of thing in Japan.. but you let us know.

A Twitter Conversation on Global Trends

Tomorrow evening I’m joining Marian Salzman, Peter Shankman and 100 of PepsiCo’s top communicators for a Twitter conversation about global trends. I hope you can login and join us for part of the time. It’s from 7.30 – 9 pm EST tomorrow, Wednesday April 1st. Sign up now. The hashtag is #peptrends.

How cool to have so many smart people talking together on Twitter about important issues that face marketers (and consumers) today. BTW – Marian is a internationally recognized “trend spotter.” Here’s a little taste of what’s to come. We’re excited to hear your thoughts and feedback tomorrow night.

From Marian:

Right now, consumers are being shaken awake to confront a pretty gross reality: We (and our natural resources) are overextended, overweight and overwhelmed. We are spent in more ways than one. Our reaction has been to pull back and say less, less, less. We crave a simpler existence. The push away from megaconsumption is the megatrend of the moment. Thrift is high prestige. Credit feels faulty and uncertain while cash is solid and sensible.

At the same time, technology is booming, and short is what’s happening. Social media is the communicator in a time of less is more. It brings far-flung people together cheaply and instantly around a shared interest. It gives us all the power to make news and break news, share thoughts and share links. Short and simple can say so much. That’s why I’ve chosen Twitter as a tool for our talk Wednesday. Short is smart and powerful. It sparks conversations, connects thinkers, shrinks distances and engenders change.

Some trends I’ll be talking and tweeting about:

•Total Convergence: Old familiar boundaries and categories are dissolving, blurring black and white into shades of gray. Private with public; fact with fiction; news with entertainment; young with old; life with work; home with office; offline with online.

•Tapping Social Media: The potential of social media as a business asset is hardly yet determined. Smart companies are now leveraging switched-on (younger) employees to help understand and shape it.

•Local Is Now Global: Today, home is the safest yet most exotic destination of all. You’re always just a click away from anywhere in the world. And just down the road you can find people and cuisine from every continent.

•A Return to Value and Values: What’s it really worth and how is it really important to me? These are the questions that rein in our impulse purchases in times of recessionary living. Followed by thoughts of, which stores or brands will supply what I need?

Check out the neat twtvite widget!

Tara Hunt Wants Out of House Arrest!

Tara Hunt has so much whuffie, it exudes from her online and off. And that’s why she is one of my favorite people.  She brings her generosity and creativity to all that she does.  Tara and I have been working together in this industry for awhile now. I’ve gotten to know her as a friend and colleague. A true geek girl, with a girly girl spirit and an intellect that let’s her navigate diverse topics with easy. From co-working to developer platforms and APIs, to identity politics – Tara always adds value and ideas that shine.  Check out her vision for a fantasy application that frees you from “house arrest” and let us know what you think!

Watch a video, hear a story, comment on Magnify, win an AT&T Fuze!

During SXSW (full recap here),  I had the pleasure of interviewing nine of the webs most intriguing, creative, thought leaders.  In the TechSet Blogger Lounge (hosted by me and Brian Solis), sponsored by Windows Mobile, Jen Myronuk (my producer) and I sat down with our dedicated colleagues to talk about their latest projects, industry trends and their take on SXSW. Those video interviews will be up soon.  More importantly for this post, they each also took 2 minutes to tell us what mobile application they would love to see created on a Windows Mobile phone – their “fantasy app.” These videos are live and you can watch them here right now. The best part is – Windows Mobile is going to build one of them (as determined by popularity and feasibility)!

For the next 9 days, I’m going to feature one video per day on my blog (including weekends).  But I’m also going to add a funny story to the post – sharing something special about these individuals (who I am lucky enough to consider my FRIENDS and colleagues). Real Friends, the ones that call you in Real Life!

And, I will give away an AT&T Fuze by HTC to the individual who writes the most thoughtful comments (1comment for each video) on the Magnify site. It’s a brand new phone, (but it’s unwrapped, sorry). So check back daily (or just go put a comment up on Magnify now).  Either way, I recommend that you watch these nine funny, fascinating videos from my friends….

Charlene Li (@charleneli)

Hugh Macleod (@gapingvoid)

David Armano (@armano)

Tara Hunt (@missrogue)

Steve Rosenbaum (@magnify)

Dave McClure (@davemcclure)

Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) – Please note – Chris stepped in for Scoble who was unable to fit it in during the show b/c of BIG exicing news and mobs of people coming after him.

Erin Kotecki Vest (@queenofspain)

Deb Schultz (@debs)