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The popularity of online slots grows among women

According to the latest statistics, the popularity of online slots is growing quickly every year. This is one of those casino games that have become mainstream which means that even people who are not great fans of casino activities are playing it. But, what is even more interesting is that many women and girls are interested in this game too. Before this

Mass Effect? More Like Mass Disappointment

Let’s just call this spring a write-off. Between Iron Fist’s failure of a series, Pepsi’s disaster commercial (recently pulled), and The Ghost in the Shell’s unashamed whitewashing, the entertainment world has had a rough go of it.And now Mass Effect: Andromeda’s animation is one to add to the list of the year’s biggest failures. The latest installment

What does the future hold for online gaming?

Online gaming is a highly entertaining pastime, which is enjoyed by millions of women around the world. From the convenience of your own home, you can enjoy an endless variety of computer games, playing solo games or participating in team-based online gameplay. The sheer variety of games, ranging from puzzles and action shooters through to online gambling,

What’s the Fastest Broadband for High-Speed Gaming?

What’s the Fastest Broadband for High-Speed Gaming? Some internet connections are better than others when it comes to gaming. Today, gaming is no longer a niche hobby but rather a multi-million dollar pursuit. With many games evolving, online connectivity is increasingly becoming unavoidable, whether a user depends on it for buying new games, multiplayer

The Impact of New Technology on the Entertainment Industry

You used to have to travel to an arcade or a casino to enjoy some entertainment. Then, the internet made enjoying gambling much easier due to the rise of online casino games. Now, these forms of entertainment have gone 3D and virtual - putting you right at a casino table with a dealer and no other external distractions. Virtual reality brings you closer