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Social Media Week Re-Cap: InternetGeekGirl is back in action

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted here at InternetGeekGirl. It’s been a busy few months and my creative energy has been focused on building the social media practice at Porter Novelli. The good news is, that process has been going very well. We are bigger and better than ever. Check out the new hires that Porter Novelli has made, and a big win which I am particularly proud of.

2010 is the year of content! In addition to publishing a book, I’ll be increasing my regularity in blogging – not only on this blog, but the other blogs I contribute too and manage, including: Porter Novelli Intelligent Dialogue, UltimateRaceDay, and the newly launched (and not quite ready for prime time) StephanieAndChris.Us!

InternetGeekGirl is the place to learn all about my social media world and the many events I am lucky enough to attend and support.

To that end, I’m very proud to share the success of Social Media Week. More than 7,000 people and 150 individual organizations participated in the second annual Social Media Week, which took place between February 1st and February 5th simultaneously in New York City, Berlin, London, San Francisco, Toronto and Sao Paulo. The event was host to more than 200 events covering such topics as social media’s impact on health care, technology, higher education, politics, open design, crowdsourcing, social graph optimization, PR and brand communications.

Toby Daniels, executive director and founder of Social Media Week, had this to say:

“The breadth, depth and diversity of subjects that were tackled truly underscores the far-reaching impact that social media has on society. And the extraordinary increase in attendance indicates that we are really just beginning to tap the potential of this burgeoning communications medium.”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Toby and my other NYC tech pal, Steve Greenwood from Drop.io. Drop.io launched their first vertically focused product during Social Media Week – PressLift! Watch the video below and learn all about both.

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at Drop.io

My New Gig (announced via Twitter 1st)

pn_announcementBack in January when I wrote Re-design 2009, I never imagined that my redesign would include an executive position with a leading global public relations firm. In fact, I didn’t even realize that over the last few years I had become a “PR person.”  I just wanted more flexibility in my project choices and changed my business model accordingly. Today, I’m very proud to announce that I have become the EVP and Global Director of Digital Strategy and Social Media for Porter Novelli.

As someone that has been in online marketing for 15 years, I view the changes going on in the marketplace through a holistic lens. I don’t see these shifts as merely “social media phenomena.” I think about digital broadly, understanding all aspects of the evolution we’ve been experiencing for two decades now. Back in the 90’s I participated in the “e-commerce revolution” and worked for companies like Barnes & Noble.com to figure out how online consumer sales would change the world of retail. Guess what – it did! Media, publishing and communications are now experiencing these same cataclysmic shifts. My latest career choice is a symbol of this change and I’m excited to continue to push the envelope of this industry – now as part of the Porter Novelli team.

This was truly a kismet kind of situation (yes that is meant to be geek double entendre). Serving on a panel for @pepsico, I got to meet Marian Salzman and was blown away by her brilliance and spirit. For those who wonder why I’d want to give up working for myself in a very entrepreneurial way, I’ll quote my dear friend  Tara Hunt in her recent post describing her decision to leave San Francisco, “because it is time.”

Yes, large companies bring security and money. Honestly though, talented and experienced independents that know how to execute (and sell) do very well in this business.  I could have easily continued working for myself and had a very lush life.  This choice is about the opportunity and the team.  I’m ready to take on bigger challenges and play in a global pond. I am excited to work with an array of blue-chip clients and be backed by an organization with resources and a commitment to transforming their business through digital marketing. I am also excited to spend more time writing and thinking about trends in this business (when you work for yourself you spend a lot of time on sales and operations and the writing gets put by the wayside).

The Porter Novelli family stole my heart with their passion and smarts. The Executive Team (shout out to Gary, Anthony, Marian, Julie, Michael, Lisa R.) and Brad McCormick (who I will work with hand-in-glove) are total rock stars. Aaron DeLucia and the team in Austin are amazing (and I cannot wait to go visit them soon and have some BBQ and start plotting SXSW 2010). Together, we will cross-pollinate our ideas and experience and innovate in a way that differentiates us from the pack.

Stephanie Agresta Consulting, InternetGeekGirl, Affiliate-Karma and my other burgeoning ventures (TechSet and UltimateRaceDay), will continue in some form and fashion. I’d like to think of myself now as “Powered by Porter Novelli.”

You can find the “official press release” on the site.  As my good friend Jeremiah Owyang pointed out: “It screams so “PR;” I do hope you have a heart felt social way of telling the story too.”

Well I do.  My story is much deeper and more complicated than everything I can put in this post, but it’s a start. I look forward to seeing many of you in the coming months as I head out on the road to meet PN staffers. As I told Jeremiah – I don’t believe in throwing out the baby with the bath water. There is still a place for a collection of words and quotes and background information. How it gets delivered and to who is evolving. But ultimately, there are many ways to tell a story.

I want to give a shout out to the many people who I consult when I think about my life choices.  @chrismccaffrey, my family and non-industry friends make up the foundation of life. Plus my colleagues that I rely on for guidance and support and laughter:  Brian Solis, Tara Hunt, Chris Brogan, Howard Greenstein, Rick Calvert, Cindy L’Esperance, Hugh MacLeod, Steve Rosenbaum and so many more I can’t fit them in here. THANK YOU ALL!!

Countdown to Internet Week NY – Clear your schedules June 1 – 8, 2009.


Last year I wrote my re-cap to Internet Week and described it as  “the start of something grand.”

Internet Week NY 2009 will undoubtedly prove me right. For those of you that don’t know about it, Internet Week New York is a week-long festival of events saluting New York’s thriving Internet industry and the many talented companies, organizations, and innovators creating the future of online media. It is presented by IADAS & The Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater, and Broadcasting.

This year, The TechSet and PepsiCo will be kicking off the week’s activities with the TechSet party on Monday June 1st (6 – 8 pm at the Bubble Lounge). PepsiCo’s commitment to bubbling up innovation will be on display all week. Stay tuned for other exciting announcements from PepsiCo soon!

It will be a busy week in the always busy Big Apple.  There are a range of events planned,  from educational to celebratory. Whether you want to pitch your start up or just add to your LinkedIn Network, Internet Week is sure to delight your digital sensibilities. Keep in mind, there are activities that suit every budget level as well.  While some of the conferences are more pricey, most events are free or cheap (though require sign up early).  Bookmark the ever-growing online schedule to stay up-to-date.

My list of don’t miss events include (please feel free to add more to the comments):

The Conversational Marketing Summit hosted by Federated Media ;  the NY Tech Meet Up Showcase and Monthly Event; Silicon Alley Insider’s Startup 2009; Mashable’s NextUp NYC: Social Media Marketing 101; the Digg MeetUp; Social Media Camp, hosted by the Social Media Club; Ignite NYC; and the Webby’s, which will be a star-studded line up again this year.

Lodging in NYC is never cheap, but the kind folks @InternetWeek have secured an excellent rate at the Standard Hotel – $235 while supplies last.  Also, you should check out The Roger Smith Hotel (for those of you who are mid-town inclined). Their “Roger Smith Life” and active Twitter account have made them a favorite for out-of-town blogger-types on a budget. Their rate for Internet Week NY is $165 / night (you really can’t beat that in NYC). Ask for the Internet Week Promo Rates at both locations.  But hurry – rooms will go fast.

logo_startup2009_100w w2x09ny_ignitelogo-promo logo_webbyawards_md
mashable-nextup-nyc nytm cmsny2009_colorlogosmall

Erin Kotecki Vest, The Queen of Spain, Wants the Queen of all Community Apps

Erin Kotecki Vest  is a true renaissance women. As her bio states, she spent ten years as a broadcast journalist in Los Angeles, Orlando and Detroit winning six Golden Mic Awards with LA news institution KFWB. She now serves as Producer of Special Projects for  BlogHer.com where she hosts BlogHer Backtalk. She also tries to contribute to the Huffington Post, MOMocrats.com, and her own site Queen of Spain Blog as often as she can. You can find her on Twitter @queenofspain – she gives great tweets!! And please make sure to ask her about her interview with Barack Obama. BTW – if you can read all about why she calls herself the queen of spain, here.

To all that good stuff, I would add: Erin is hysterically funny, a community builder extraordinaire, smart as a whip and a non-stop contributor to the twittersphere. Plus she does all that while being an incredible (yet self-depreciating) mom and wife.  The love she has (and tweets about) for her family is inspiring.

Erin works for BlogHer, a community for women who blog. I spoke at BlogHer last year and I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to be at a conference with a majority female attendees (not common in the tech industry). Erin’s fantasy mobile application was generated by the BlogHer community and would add value to any event.  A community app for event attendess, this app would aggregate RSS feeds from blog posts, site content, hashtag searches, geo tracking of other event attendees, and even include a clean bathroom locator! Plus, for BlogHer they could include their prioprietary “Chatter” app which is similar to Twitter. By the way, she’s NOT wearing @armano ‘s cowboy hat – that’s hers!

Chris Brogan – Annotating the World Around Us!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.. Chris Brogan is prolific.  He works very hard to help build the social media landscape, but always makes time for individuals, the community and most importantly to give back to others in an organized way that shows that power of this medium (check out his monthly efforts for charitable causes – impressive!).  In addition to producing a well-read, well-written blog, Chris is President of New Marketing Labs, a social media agency.  With the love and support of his family, Chris crosses the continent helping business and marketers understand these new tools and make good use of them. Did I mention that he is a heck of a nice guy as well?

Chris’s fantasy mobile application imagines a world where there is “meta-data” in the air around us! We are not that far off!  Mobile networks could allow organizations (companies, schools, non-profits) to “annotate” locations and allow users to access that information via GPS based services.  And of course, users could control it all via settings for when, where and which type of “data offering” they would like. What do you think? Would you “opt-in” for this kind of information?