Cloud Computing: can it open doors to the IT world for women?


Cloud computing can open up the IT world for women

There’s a significant gender gap in the IT world, but that could soon change. Enter: cloud computing, or what is commonly known as the ‘cloud’. What is cloud computing exactly? It is what makes it possible for you to sync your data and information using iCloud on your iPhone and computer, plus able to use and access this information anytime, anywhere. In technical terms, it means that instead of using traditional methods, data and programs are stored and accessed over the Internet. Businesses have definitely caught on to the benefits of leveraging this.

Yes, it may be the new shiny new thing in IT, but it is also an opportunity. Movement from data centers to the cloud requires more workers and more innovative ideas. It is an opportunity for professionals to show how IT is delivered to businesses, outside of just the technical sense. Since a peak into the number of male professionals versus female professionals in any data center will show more male professionals, there has been a need for a shift and an opportunity for change. And this is it.

As cloud computing, and data in general, has so many different aspects to consider, it is required that those who tackle the problem of handling data have great problem solving skills. The more that IT requires innovation instead of its simple traditional environment, the more people from all walks of life are interested in participating. Many believe that women are problem solvers, capable of thinking outside of the box and considering all points of view. They can also understand the benefits of cloud computing, which gives them an edge. By leveraging personal strengths and participating in the cloud environment, all parties will benefit.

The cloud is useful for everyone, sure. But there is one key aspect of the cloud that many find attractive in the cloud space: the aspect of flexibility. CEO of Delphi Group, Thomas Koulopoulos, said, “Cloud provides greater flexibility into how we integrate people into the process. For instance, a stay-at-home mother can manage the cloud just as well as an in-house worker. Most businesses just want the greater skill set – technology and innovation — and that levels the playing field.”

Even if it is not a woman’s dream to work in the cloud computing space, it can open doors to the IT world. All it takes is the will and determination to take the first step forward.

Women are being encouraged to pursue cloud training and change that unequal balance of professional women and men in the IT space. There are numerous resources out there to help women take that first step, get up to speed and get involved. For example, one can attend one of the many online events, read blogs and delve into company websites. Or if more guided learning is sought after, there are many online learning platforms, such as Cloud Academy, where one can learn main specifics of cloud computing or even focus on one platform and do a Amazon AWS training, for example.

Cloud computing will continue to create innovation and open the doors wider to the IT world for women. Now, it is up to each woman to decide whether to take that first step towards the cloud.