Hallmarks of an excellent coder

These days, any business who wants to succeed needs to employ code-literate individuals to manage their online dealings.

Whether they know HTML/JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, C++, or any of the other languages that exist out there, they will help you compete against companies in your niche who are also taking software and/or the online world seriously.

For example, Exceptional Software Strategies is a firm that has succeeded over the years due to its uncanny ability to bring exceptional coders into their organization.

When you hire programmers who are critical thinkers, self-reliant, and able to work together as a team, you’ll have a squad able to move mountains when it’s crunch time.

Below, we’ll go over qualities an excellent coder possesses so you can start bringing quality people into your business.

1) They know more than one programming language

Students about to enter the workforce and those shifting over from another career often make a critical mistake when it comes seeking out programming jobs: they focus on exactly one language during the learning process.

Any company seeking out these technically-minded individuals will want to have coders who know HTML, but they should also be proficient in WordPress code and JavaScript.

Ruby on Rails might be a hot language, but when work in this area dries up, they should also know C++ so they can keep busy with other systems.

Additionally, each language teaches its coder various skills that transfer over easily to other languages. This makes multi-language programmers much more attractive to employers.

2) Excellent problem solving skills

A page of code can contain hundreds of lines. If even one function is written incorrectly, it can cause a program to stop functioning or a litany of undesirable effects.

It is never obvious where issues are when they happen, so it’s important for programmers to have solid problem solving and logic skills.

This way, they can go through the lines of code and quickly rule out whole sections, making it easy to track down the offender.

3) They play well with others

The public imagination pictures programming as being a solitary pursuit, as the stigma of the profession paints the programmer as the shut-in nerd who never gets dates.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, as the field today depends on coders who can put their heads together in a collaborative way.

As such, those who possess high EQ (emotional intelligence) are better able to achieve results for the firms who employ them.

4) They thrive under pressure

Technology has turned the world of work into a faster-paced place these days, as those who get their products to market first are able to enjoy the all-important ‘first mover’ advantage.

As such, deadlines are shorter than they ever used to be, leading to pressure-packed days when the delivery date looms large.

In these scenarios, you are best off with programmers who respond positively when all the chips are on the table rather than ones who crumble under the pressure of the situation.