Resource for Solar in Gold Coast

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing industries on the market in terms of reusable energy today that is starting to make waves all over the world. One such place in fact, is in Australia, particularly the Gold Coast area, as it has been getting more and more affordable for people everywhere. In this guide, we’re going to cover a few things about how you should choose your quality service provider, and we’ve even found the best resource that Gold Coast has to offer in terms of solar energy.

Always Check Their Experience

One of the biggest things to know is that anyone with the proper licensing can in fact install solar panels. However, you want to hire a company that is strictly just that and nothing more. Be sure that you ask for certification and licensing proof as they’re contractors as well. If they can’t provide this for you, then you may want to consider looking elsewhere. Also, you may want to see if they’re insured for your own safety from liability, since they’re going to be working with electricity. This is to keep you from getting possible shocking fees if there is a legality issue down the road or an accident happens.

See How You Can Finance

Many solar power companies offer the ability to buy the panels and have them installed outright, or give you options to finance them. If they offer these, you’ll want to ensure that you get a good low rate and won’t be paying too much in interest at the same time. If your solar energy provider doesn’t necessarily do this, keep them in mind, but add them to the list while you’re shopping around.

Don’t Neglect Reviews and References

As with any contractor, always ask for references. You need to know that what their previous customers say is good about them, and don’t just stop there. Check their reviews in your area. Ask around and see what people say about them if they have solar panels as well. And of course, you need to know that there are many reasons why you’ll want to choose them within a matter of time. Don’t sign anything until you get all of your homework done.

Why is Local Better?

There are always pros and cons that come with hiring an actual company installer rather than choosing to go with your power company. Of course, one of these reasons is because since they’re dedicated to simply their line of work, and they’re not a major corporation, you’ll probably get your solar panels and get off-grid a lot faster than you would if you went through a national provider.


When you’re in the Coast, you’re going to need to hire the best company out there, especially if you go locally. Green Spark Electrical & Solar is just one of the companies out there that can provide excellent reusable energy and get you out of the woodworks from the electric company. They believe in the power of the sun and that it should be free to harness it and not have to continue to pay your electricity companies.