Shipping Large Items: Methods and Things to Consider

The logistics industry is one of the largest in the world. In the US alone, the trucking industry generated over $790 billion between 2014-2019, according to data from Statista. FedEx, the leading logistics company in the US, has generated approximately $70 billion so far. With more and more businesses offering worldwide delivery services, shipping has never been easier. Although shipping large items may seem harder to many people, especially first-timers, it is just as easy as shipping smaller items with your favorite courier. Whether you are starting a business that produces heavy or large items, or find yourself in need to move a large item once, getting the right logistics is important to the success of your mission. Here are some things to consider when shipping large items.  

Things to Consider

Weight and Size 

The two most common factors to consider when shipping large items are weight and size. Recently, shipping companies introduced a new metric called ‘dimensional weight’ that combines both weight and size. It is recommended that you weigh your cargo independently before seeking out a shipping company because your item may weigh less than the dimensional weight. If it weighs less, it means you could negotiate a cheaper rate.


If your cargo is fragile, be sure to inform the shipping company to take extra care.


The pick-up and drop-off location can also affect the cost of shipping. Shipping companies use the locations to calculate shipping zones. The lower the shipping zone, the cheaper it is.

Ways to Ship 

Numerous shipping companies in the US handle large items. Since each company has its unique speciality, finding the right company can be a hassle. Shiply has a vast database of all the reputable shipping companies that can be accessed online. You can find the right shipping company from the comfort of your home or office. 

By Land 

Truck freight is the cheapest way to ship large items. With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, it is getting even cheaper. According to data published by Entrepreneur, load-to-truck rates are declining as the economy shrinks. 

By Air

Airfreight is the fastest but most expensive mode of shipping. It is best suited for time-sensitive deliveries. However, there is a weight restriction. Cargo planes have a maximum permissible weight for safety reasons.

By Sea

Ocean freight is best-suited for longer distance coverage. No matter how large or heavy your item may be, it can ship using ocean freight. It is also a cheaper alternative to air and rail freight.

By Rail

Rail freight is most favorable when bad weather is prevalent during a particular season. Rail is hardly affected by weather elements. It may be slow, but your cargo will arrive safely and cost you less. Rail freight can also carry larger items than air or truck freights.

Shipping large items does not have to be stressful. Using Shiply will save you a lot of research time. Once you have the right company, all you have to do is track your shipment. The company will take care of everything.