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How to Network Effectively in the 21st Century

The 21st century world is a crowded place, as many people do business on a global scale now. Gone are the days where you would exist inside a small circle of contacts, as relationships with people across the country and around the world are taking on an increasingly large importance. Despite being middle-aged, Peter Benedict St Andrews understands this,

Business Losing Unnecessary Cash? Here’s How to Fix It

The World of business is more competitive right now that it has ever been in the past, there are more businesses being set up each and every year than ever before and the internet has made it incredibly easy for anyone to create their own company. This additional competition in almost all industries means that in order to succeed as a business owner, you need

Why a CEO Must Demonstrate a Commitment to His Family

CEOs all over the world are constantly feeling guilt about their work life balance. If they spend time with their family, they feel guilty about missing something at work. If they work late, they feel guilty about their wives having to cook alone again. However, some CEOs believe this should be different. For Charles Phillips, Infor CEOs, affairs concerning the