How You Can Use Video to Repair Your Online Reputation

Want to enhance your image online? Use video to repair your online reputation

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Video is a hugely important tool for helping to recover and repair an online reputation. The goal of online reputation repair is to make sure there is a lot of positive content that is both good and fresh, thereby pushing negative pieces of information away. These negative posts could have been created by customers, disgruntled employees, or simply an internet troll.

Why Video Helps

The first reason why video helps is because it is placed on YouTube, which is owned by Google. Hence, any video is indexed very quickly. Google loves it when people use YouTube, so they will instantly give you higher rankings. Secondly, fewer videos are being made for keywords, which means it is easier to stay ahead of the competition.

Improving Your Reputation with Videos

So how do you improve the reputation of your business or yourself by using YouTube videos?

  1. Find what the keyword is that shows the negative review and counter it. Use the exact phrase, but center it around useful and positive information. For instance, if someone has said that you don’t respond to customer complaints, you can create a video about how your customer service replies to its clients.

  2. Turn your text into video. This is really easy to do, as you only need PowerPoint to do that. It can be converted to an MP3 or AVI file with the click of a button. You may need some specialized software for that, or you can hire a reputation management company to do it for you, for instance.

  3. Make short, to the point videos. Nobody wants to watch a three hour presentation about how great you are, but they will be more than happy to watch 45 seconds of self-praise. Make sure, as well, that you make more than one video about each product, idea, or service. The more content that is fresh that you own, the quicker it will be to make sure the negative stuff is hidden.

  4. Make sure your video is optimized with keywords and keyword phrases that people actually use. Put it in the tags, the description, and the title. This is a very easy and very quick way to improve your rankings and, in so doing, to improve your reputation. But don’t keyword stuff, particularly in your description, as this could penalize you.

  5. Share the video everywhere. You should have your own social media channels, and you should share your video on all of those. You should also add it to forums about your particular niche, and make sure you blog about your new video. You could even send out a press release stating that you have released a new video. This helps with indexing, but also makes sure that it is more likely that people actually see it.

As you can see, video is a hugely powerful reputation management tool. YouTube is free and easy to use, so setting up an account should be no problem. Your online reputation management company should be able to help you with this as well. When you want to use video to repair your online reputation, it’s just another part of the process.

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