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How to Get the Best Deal on Your Gaming Chair

Video gaming is a multibillion dollar industry that has become extremely popular since it first went out in the 1970’s. These days, games can be played using personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and gaming consoles that both children and adults alike have grown accustomed to playing with. According to the annual report published by the Entertainment

Girls HK: Why More Girls Should Be Gaming

It is a well-worn stereotype that girls are not considered as being ‘gamers’ – at least not in the same way that boys are. People generally assume that the majority of gamers are male and that females only enjoy playing ‘cutesy’ games that are considered colourful, ‘easy’ and not very challenging. This is where Girls HK comes into the picture.

Gaming is not just a boy’s world

More girls than ever are discovering the fun that can be had playing video games. At the same time, though this is a growing trend, it is still challenging to find games that feature strong female protagonists. We still live in a world in which the majority of gamers and developers are male. Luckily, many developers realize that gaming is not just a boy's world

Let’s Hear it for The Girls!

In 2013 the percentage of lead female characters amongst the 25 best-selling games was a paltry 4%. The feminist debate about the marginal depiction of women in video games is not without some merit. The industry is dominated by men (86% in the UK). The clientele is also historically equally male. So, maybe we should have given up being surprised and disappointed