Basic Tips To Fix Your Broken XBOX 360

Having basic knowledge about the common gadgets at home makes it easier for people to deal with them. Instead of seeking technician’s help or hiring an expert, what is better to do, one can do basic troubleshooting to clarify the issue and check the root cause of it. Focusing on the basic troubleshooting for XBOX 360 does not necessarily means that there are errors to be expected. This is just to increase user’s awareness also for their convenience.

A system failure can cause the XBOX 360 to stop working properly. It may be frustrating but you have to avoid tinkering the gaming console. There are different troubleshooting guidelines that can help you address the issue. XBOX 360 can actually show the specific types of error on the screen. Each error code means specific issue and this can help you resolve it and faster to start playing, for example, in pokemon.

One of the possible errors that you can get is E64. It connotes DVD driver error which may be caused by DVD time out. It may also be due to missing F/W chip on your DVD. E65 however is the complicated version of E64 error. It may be an issue with the tray during the boot up.

Troubleshooting guides can greatly help in finding solutions for the common XBOX 360 errors. They contain detailed information and step by step procedure to pacify it. Apart from DVD drive, it could be an issue with faulty hard disk as well. This is illustrated by E67 referring to connection errors between the console and hard drive. As for E68, this error is already concerning the fans. It is also known as Hard Drive EPROM error.

These errors can be solved quickly with the use of hotfixes. Other common issues that could arise due to excessive use are three red lights error, overheating, and not working at all without any error. Displaying of three red lights and overheating are interrelated issues. When there are 3 red lights being displayed, overheating is the most common root cause.

XBOX 360 is a significant gaming console but it should be placed on a safe environment. To avoid overheating, ensure that there is proper ventilation on the XBOX 360’s location. If it is already heating up excessively, allow it to cool down first. During times that the XBOX is not overheating but it keeps displaying 3 red lights, make sure to check all the cables attached to the system. Some loose cables could be culprits, too.

In severe cases that XBOX 360 does not work without giving any errors, professional assistance might be needed. Repairing it with advance techniques will require technical expertise.

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