Personalized sleep-mate that helps improve your sleep

SLEEPWAVE is an AI company that develops a digital care technology with a mission to provide a better lifestyle. Based on sophisticated sleep measurements using EEG detection, Brid.zzz is a new sleep aid created by SLEEPWAVE to scientifically manage the “neglected 8 hours of sleep” to improve the quality of life. With a firm history of creating products with high accuracy, stability, and usability, SLEEPWAVE is here to provide the best personalized sleep aid device in the market.

Sleep care solution at your fingertips

We all like to enjoy waking up to a fresh morning every day feeling energized and ready to start the day. With Brid.zzz’s personalized sleep care solution via smartphone app, this is not a dream anymore. When the earbuds are worn on your ears, they automatically measure the brainwave via EEG sensor and detect sleep with accuracy. Enjoy and fulfill your lifestyle without the hassle of visiting the hospital for your sleep improvement. The world’s first interactive sleeping aid will track your status in real-time and provide the most optimized sleep stage guidance automatically!

EEG Sensor for Detection

Brid.zzz is a wearable device with an EEG sensor that analyzes the brainwaves to precisely determine your sleep phase. EEG, also known as electroencephalogram, is a test that uses electrical activity in the brain using small, metal disc attached to the scalp. As a result, Brid.zzz lets you monitor your sleep with more accuracy even at home! If you’re looking for sleep aid device that tracks your sleep and helps you better understand your sleep patterns, this is the perfect device for you.

Technology behind Brid.zzz

Brid.zzz provides an overview of your sleep stages throughout the usage time and also adapts according to your personalities such as physical and environmental factors. It also changes dynamically in order to maintain the optimal sleep stages suited just for you. This efficient technology is based in various functions Brid.zzz provide. Sleep Index Algorithm used in this amazing device presents the most ideal sleeping pattern. This algorithm generates through the Hidden Makov Model which analyzes the similarity of sleep data at different times. The set data then offers the most ideal sleeping pattern for each user by linking and learning the individualities of the user’s sleep data.

CES 2023

CES 2023, the show for cutting-edge technologies and world technology trends, will be held soon from January 5th through 8th at Las Vegas. Brid.zzz is participating in CES 2023 as a pioneer in sleep technology. If you want to experience the future of sleeping gadget, come visit Brid.zzz at CES 2023 and try out the device for yourself.