Easter Eggs and Hidden Lore: What You Might Have Missed in Valorant

Secretive Easter eggs are entertaining additions to Valorant. They are not always easy to identify, but they certainly increase the enjoyment of the game. Easter eggs can provide clues to many elements, from a new agent’s introduction to a reward that players will surely appreciate. 

What are Easter Eggs? 

In video gaming, Easter eggs are not egg-shaped, candy filled chocolates, but hidden items that can be very rewarding. The idea of including a secret trail, much like the traditional Easter egg hunt, was first included in an Atari game in 1979. They may represent updates to a game, or enhance the lore of games such as Valorant. Easter eggs are more usually jokes that add a great deal of fun to the gameplay. Valorant has more than its fair share of Easter eggs, but many of them are very difficult to find. 

Best Easter Eggs for Newcomers to Valorant 

It’s great fun for a Valorant newbie to find their first Easter egg. The chances are it could be the Teddy Bear. He’s obviously cute and likely to appear in dozens of locations. He could be at the rear of fixed objects such as walls or derelict buildings. The Teddy Bear doesn’t have any influence over the game, but he can be a comforting face when a new player is at the mercy of a relentless attack. 

Find a Secret Parkour Course 

Valorant has an excellent training map that is very informative, but many players are unaware that it also includes a mysterious parkour course. It’s often found behind a building and provides great practice for climbing a tower. Players who make it to the top are presented with a glittering trophy that contains a reward, and a Teddy Bear! 

Icebox Snowmen 

A Valorant map that features a rival Kingdom location is Icebox. When players explore Icebox, they usually become aware of red signs fixed to walls that declare snowmen are banned. However, snowmen are lurking around the location. To emphasize their friendly personalities, these Easter eggs are often wearing designer shades or decorative top hats. 

Is Paul Delmann an Easter Egg? 

Paul Delmann is a mysterious character who is apparently aligned with the Kingdom Corporation. His back story is largely unknown, apart from his prolonged exposure to Radianite. Players may never actually meet Delmann in person, but they can obtain a glimpse of him whenever they find a glowing orb. It usually reveals an identity card containing a photograph of Delmann wearing his protective hazmat suit. 

Wanted Posters 

When agents reach the Multiverse Museum, they could find themselves looking at two faded wanted posters. They usually feature dubious characters such as Ruben Pontes, and his sidekick, an alien known as Oran McEneff. Search for Easter eggs by checking out the 1337pro list of Valorant tournaments today.