Regenerative starting technology for battery discharge!

One of the most frequent issues experienced by many drivers is a dead battery. A portable battery regenerator costs more and takes more time. One illustration of it is having a battery regenerator with you.

All of those inconveniences are eliminated with Revenant B. Simply connect it to the battery in your car, and it will replenish the battery on its own in 1 to 5 minutes.

The AI Technology

A battery’s discharge is influenced by temperature. The battery works poorly and has the propensity to discharge when it overheats. Revenant B‘s AI system controls the battery temperature and aids in both regeneration and performance optimization. This technique makes it possible to stop it from discharging.

Extending your Battery Life

The typical battery life of an automobile is three to four years, but Revenant B‘s technology has no limits. By starting the engine less frequently and reducing the quick electric power load, the active power operating system slows down electrode aging and increases battery life by up to 150%. Another advantage of REVENANT B B is this.

Application of IOT

REVENANT B Bis an even better product because it works with a user’s smartphone. Instead of directly controlling the battery or engine room, you may just use your smartphone to manage the regenerative system. The user may also monitor the voltage and temperature of the automobile battery to see how it is doing. A user can easily and conveniently utilize this capability to check the state of their battery at all times.

Data Logger Technology

Data logger technology is Revenant B‘s final feature. It can track driving history and habits over time, giving the driver pertinent feedback. You can see information about the whereabouts, condition, and problems of the cars.

Next year, look for REVENANT B!

REVENANT B Bwill be available on Kickstarter, the largest crowdfunding website in the world, and it will improve your daily life with a straightforward installation. To get REVENANT B Bat a discounted price only offered on Kickstarter, search for it there.