How to Boost The Success of Your Blog

There are many ways you can Boost The Success of Your Blog

With a blog you are able to reach a high amount of people who can share your thoughts and ideas, you can create a community around you, you have a great way to express yourself and you could even make some money whilst you do it. The problem with creating a blog however is that in order to achieve all of these things, you need people to find it.

Gaining traffic for your blog is something that many bloggers struggle with so I spoke to expert Ram Chary to see what it is that you should be doing to increase the amount of traffic which your blog receives.

Quality and Regular Content

Content should obviously be personal to you but it should also provide value to those who are going to read it. Once you have written a blog post, sit back and ask yourself who would read it and why, ask yourself what the viewer can take from this piece and why they should read it in the first place. If you have written something which does not provide this type of value, you need to readdress what you have written.

Content should also be consistent and if you want to ensure that readers are coming back again and again to view your work, you need to make sure that you are pumping it out with regularity. Two to three blog posts should be your minimum output.

Social Media

It is much easier to build up a following on social media and then use this to launch the success of your blog. Target people who like things within your niche and then make sure that you are regularly engaging with people throughout your social media channels. Once you have amassed a strong following on Facebook for example, you should start to share external links to your blog and display your article to those throughout the world of social media. This not only brings more people to your site, but also encourages them to share and like your stuff so that more people can see it.

Linking Partnerships

If you have dofollow links pointing towards your site from stronger sites within your niche, you will be looked on favourably by Google and considered as a trustworthy website. The consequence of this is that you will appear far higher up the search results when someone types in keywords which pertain to your blog. This level of additional exposure can help newcomers to find your blog. The reason that you need great content on your site is because when these new people do find your blog, you will need to wow them so that they come back for more.

Web Design

Finally, you need to ensure that your website is fully functional, easy to navigate and looks great on the eye. Believe it or not, many people will leave a website if the design looks bad and you should ensure that you are not one of these websites.