Get Your Geek Freak on This Halloween

I absolutely adore Halloween, I think I prefer it more than Thanksgiving and Christmas, I love the idea behind it primarily, the image of ghouls and goblins, zombies, witches and ghosts really creeps me out, but I like it. Then of course is the way in which we celebrate Halloween, crazy fancy dress costumes, haunting parties, kids playing ouija boards in the cemetery, it’s a perfect time to embrace our inner demons. I’m not a satanist, not even close, but I love Halloween and I go a little crazy when it gets near, if you want to embrace Halloween to the fullest then here are some  tips to help you out.



Regardless of whether you are heading out to a party, a night on the town or hosting a party of your own, everyone should decorate their house for Halloween, the same as you would for Christmas, albeit with slightly different decorations. There is nothing better to help you get into the Halloween mood than with some spider’s webs hanging from the ceiling or some skulls dotted around the house. You can pick up decorations like these for next to nothing or better still, make your own, there are loads of guides online to help you put something together with household items.


It isn’t just the kids that get to dress up at Halloween, adults can too, and they should! Sitting in the house on Halloween is simply not an option for me, I usually head out to a party or out on the town, sometimes I even host my own parties. The best part about getting your Halloween ‘geek’ on is dressing up in crazy, ghoulish outfits. An outfit doesn’t have to cost the earth and you can even make your own. Sometimes I like to sex up my outfits a little, this year I have planned a sexy secretary costume, I tried it on last week and it looks awesome! If you are looking for something sexy to wear this Halloween then check out, they have some really cool costumes and good prices.


The kids get to go door to door picking up candy from the neighbors in their Halloween adults, when you reach drinking age however, it is time to party. Halloween parties are awesome, everyone dressed up and acting crazy is my favorite way to celebrate this holiday. I haven’t hosted my own party for a few years but if you are able to then I absolutely recommend it. You can add even more crazy and scary decorations to your house, prepare some food with a ghoulish twist and see who has the best costume on the night. If you are going to host a Halloween party then I recommend that you plan some games in, dunking for apples and things like that work really well and ensures that everyone has a good time. One word of advice if you are going to host a party, make sure that your outfit looks the best!