How to Handle Police When Charged With a Sex Crime


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If you’ve recently been or are on the verge of being charged with a lewd act or a sex crime of any sort, there is a proper way and an improper way to handle the situation. Even if you’re just a suspect in the crime, you need to be mindful of what you do and say while taking care not to ruffle any feathers. Because emotions will be high this is much easier said than done, however, it is still extremely important. To help you through the process, here are some tips on what to do as well as how to handle the police during the duration of the investigation and possible charge.

Hire a sex crimes attorney

The first thing you need to do after being alerted to your suspect status is to quickly hire a sex crimes attorney. This is an attorney who will be able to immediately handle the situation as well as guide you on what to say and do as well as how to act in front of different groups. This is a very crucial stage where you’ll want the best guidance possible. Though you may feel that you already know exactly what to do, chances are there are things that you don’t understand, things that a sex crimes attorney does.

Keep to yourself

The last thing that you want to do once you are alerted to your suspect status is to communicate freely with the police, whether they are involved in the case or not. This is because they will, most likely be working against you, meaning that they are looking for clues to help put you away. Most of the time, law enforcement are on the side of the proposed victim, even if you feel that you are the victim in the case, not the accuser. Though it is true that you are innocent until proven guilty, you’ll still want to keep to yourself to make sure that you don’t do or say anything that looks suspicious, as sometimes nervous people can do.

Present yourself in a calm manner

If you’re being accused of anything, sex related or not, you most certainly don’t want to come off as a hot head with a temper. The only thing that will do is help to make you look even more suspicious and lead people to believe that you are indeed the type of person who would commit the crime you’re being charged with. Your attorney will help school you on the proper, and improper, ways to present yourself to the public during this period in your life.

Being charge with a sex crime is one thing, especially if you are completely innocent of the crime at hand. Having to deal with the outcome of a court hearing and the whispers, or loud voices, of the general pubic and police is another. Even if you’re currently a suspect in a sex crime and have yet to go to court and possibly be convicted and charged, you’ll find that there are certain ways to conduct yourself in public, as well as with police.

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