Optimising your website for conversions

Optimising your website for conversions is important if you want to kill it on the internet

Photo by CC user pixelcreatures on Pixabay.

Has the performance of your website fallen short of expectations? If this is the case, then optimising your website for conversions should be your top priority going forward. Here are a few ideas of how you can achieve this goal:

Overhaul your web design

One of the best ways to improve conversions is to overhaul how your web page is designed. There is a good chance that the web presence that your company has had for the past several years has fallen out of date with the times.

For example, many out-of-date websites are mobile-hostile rather than mobile-friendly. An ever-increasing amount of consumers are doing the bulk of their web surfing on smartphones and tablets, rather than on laptops or desktops.

These users will often abandon pages that aren’t designed for their phones for ones that are, creating a huge problem for business owners that haven’t kept up. By reconfiguring your website so that it is usable by this market segment, your page will get more conversions than it has in the past.

Contact an experienced web design firm (like www.webdesignperth.com.au), and they will evaluate the current state of your web presence. This will allow them to give you the kind of useful feedback needed to get your web page up to date.

Why should your prospects choose you?

Many companies that assume that all you need is a pretty-looking website to drive sales. The truth of the matter is, without a list of reasons why your product is superior to your competition or the status quo, there will be little incentive for your prospects to switch allegiances or abandon their present routine.

By presenting a short & concise list of reasons why your product or service will make your customer’s life better, you will make it easier for them to click your ‘ add to cart’ buttons.

Write compelling copy

Think you got things down pat? Have a seat – we aren’t done yet. It is not enough to simply list reasons why your customer should choose you. You must also do it in a way that makes an emotionally compelling case in favor of your product or service.

It is not enough to say that your product will reduce a customer’s problems – if it is awesome enough that it eliminates it for most users, say so in your copy!

Use action-oriented language wherever possible; if it makes you yawn, cut it from your sales pitch. The language that you add to replace it should cut through to the core of your prospect’s pain.

Embrace minimalism

As time goes by, webmasters tend to add ever more features to the sites they manage. It may have made sense at the time, or maybe it was just the cool thing to do. However, it can all add up to an unmanageable mess if left unchecked.

All this clutter does is distract from your site’s core message – take a long, hard look at everything on your site and ask yourself, ” what is the purpose of this page element?”. If it isn’t a function that directs your customer to either add themselves to an email list, or click on a ‘buy now’ button, eliminate it.