Will Finding Dory be 2016’s Biggest Smash

At long last it has arrived, after almost a 13 year wait since the record breaking Disney Pixar  movie ‘Finding Nemo’, it’s sequel ‘Finding Dory hit the World’s screens this week to crowds young and old thirsting for more underwater capers with their favourite Disney fish. The sequel had been discussed for a long time amid growing pressure from fans of the first movie and having made the decision to create a follow up the Pixar studios have not disappointed.


This year’s offering sees the focus switch to Dory, the forever amiable and often forgetful blue tang fish, voiced by Ellen Degeneres, who played such a pivotal role in the first film helping get Nemo back home. The core of the film is, as you would assume, very similar in that poor Dory becomes lost and the other characters must do what they can to find her. However in this second offering the film takes us on a far more adventurous journey. There will be no spoilers here so read with confidence but the premise of the story is as follows.


One year since the escapades of Nemo in Australia we see Dory having flashbacks of her parents, as the memories begin to flood back, Dory remembers vaguely where her parents lived and decides that she wishes to go and see them. Natural cautious, Marling decides that this is not a good idea and says no. Nemo however puts pressure on his Dad and ultimately Marlin bends and Nemo and Marlin accompany Dory on her voyage. During the beginning of their travels an argument breaks out between Marlin and Dory following a close shave with a squid which Marlin deems as Dory’s fault. After Marlin tells Dory that she’s only good for forgetting things, Dory swims away angry and upset. After swimming up towards the surface, Dory is scooped out of the Ocean by volunteers who are ‘rescuing’ animals and the three become completely separated. It is from here that the adventure starts and the search to find Dory begins.


As mentioned before, Ellen Degeneres returns to voice the part of Dory with Albert Brooks also returns as Marlin, Nemo however, voiced by Alexander Gould in 2003 is now voiced by Hayden Rolence and despite the change the difference is barely noticeable. The film also features some other heavyweight actors such as Diane Keaton, Willem Dafoe and Idris Elba.

Flop or Smash?

If you loved Finding Nemo then you will not be disappointed by Finding Dory and I urge you to get to the cinema as soon as you can and watch the latest instalment. If you still can’t get enough of the fun-loving marine animals then you can also have fun with Finding Dory games on Poki, a great way to have some online fun with your fishy friends or you can find more Poki games to play on your smartphone or tablet.

Since it’s release in the United States and then Worldwide Finding Dory has made just over $185 million, not bad for a first weekend, the film has also broken new Pixar records in Australia and China and already looks set to be one of this year’s biggest films. Critic reviews have been largely positive and the film has scored high on both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB.