14 Must-Have Apps for Restaurant Owners

Restaurant management can be a balancing act. To create a more efficient operation, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest tools to simplify your job. Since restaurant owners are always on the go, the most useful tools are usually found on your smartphone. Here are some of the best apps for restaurant owners to streamline your business.


This app allows you to manage each of your social media accounts from one place. You can schedule posts, monitor trending topics, review analytics, run contests and campaigns, assign permission levels to employees (administrator, editor, etc.), and assign tasks and assignments.


Another social media app that allows you to schedule and share posts all from one place. Buffer has a feature that sets the time and date for your post so you don’t have to schedule it. If you do want to choose a set time and date, you will have that option as well.


This app allows you to manage employee schedules and labor costs. You can drag and drop employees into shifts based on their availability and shift requirements. Employees receive instant notifications about their shifts and you can approve or decline employee requests with a click of a button. The labor cost savings calculator helps you make important scheduling decisions. Also, 7shifts can integrate to your POS.


A web and mobile platform that allows you to order all of your inventory from all your suppliers with a click of a button. You can manage your inventory, check-in items when they arrive, return extra or damaged products, and more. This app is said to reduce food waste by 50 percent.


This cloud-based accounting solution allows you to manage your books away from your computer. You will be able to create invoices, accept online payments, record payments, track your expenses, and more.

DineTime App

This app is provided through the table management and reservation system, DineTime. A reservation management system helps create a better dining experience and improves the overall efficiency of your restaurant. The consumer app allows your customers to view restaurant information, check wait times, and reserve a table. You can easily integrate with loyalty reward programs with DineTime as well.


Keeps all your notes in one place. You can even add notes that are audio recordings, attachments, tables, links, and checklists. There is a team account available that allows collaboration.


Stay up-to-date on industry trends and updates with the Feedly app. Choose publications, blogs, set up keyword alerts, etc. for content you’re interested in. The app has a minimalist design so that content is easy to read.


Check emails on the go with an Outlook or Gmail app. You can also schedule appointments and keep on with your calendar from the app.


One-stop-shop HR portal that can be utilized by managers/owners, as well as your employees. You can access requested time off, benefits information, review paycheck stubs, and more.


A marketing automation platform that allows you to build email campaigns to send to your customers. You can easily build a template that matches your brand personality and access analytics to see how your emails are performing.


Build a Profit & Loss statement and calculate your break-even based on space size, price per square unit, and other important information. You’ll even be alerted if your ratios fall outside industry guidelines.


Keep up with invoicing, accounting, and inventory all in one app. Your invoices are managed by snapping a picture of them, helping you avoid double payments, lost invoices, etc. You can easily export GL spend reports from the app to your accounting software. In addition, you can keep track of price trends, monitor food spends, and supplier pricing with the inventory management feature.

Review Trackers

Monitor all your restaurant reviews from one place with the Review Trackers app. This will pull reviews from websites like Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook, Fourspace, etc.