America’s Three Best States for Experienced Adventure Holidaymakers

Maine is amidst the Best States for Experienced Adventure Holidaymakers

Experienced holidaymakers are always on the lookout for new destinations off the beaten path, but finding places like this that offer plenty of action and adventure can be tough. America is one place which has many hidden gems that any well travelled adventure seeker will love. Here are the three best states which are away from the typical tourist spots and contain a few of the country’s best-kept secrets.


This mid-western state bordering Canada has incredible natural beauty with over 10,000 lakes and thick woodland which makes it an ideal place for nature lovers. Its geographical location means that the conditions can be tough, but any experienced traveller will relish this and see it as part of the state’s charm. Minnesota is also home to the Twin Cities of St Paul and Minneapolis which are both packed with cool cultural highlights and friendly locals.


The most north-eastern state in America, Maine is often overlooked by tourists but is one of the prettiest areas in the country. Here you will find a rocky coastline, rolling mountains, dense woodland, epic blue lakes and many charming small villages. Maine is also known for its excellent seafood cuisine, so foodies will enjoy the fresh clams and lobster available. Its geographical position and the tough winter climate are the main reasons why you do not get many tourists here, but it is certainly worth the trip and experienced adventure holidaymakers will immediately fall in love.


Tourists tend to steer clear of the South and instead head for the major cities to the East and West – this is a shame as the South has many beautiful, charming and fun states. Tennessee is, perhaps, the pick of the bunch and a great spot for a more experienced traveller. Nashville and Memphis are brilliant and exciting cities where music plays an important role, but the state also has spectacular natural beauty with the Appalachian Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains, verdant valleys and lowlands making up the landscape. Whether you are watching live music in a lively bar in Nashville, exploring Graceland in Memphis or hiking the mountain trails, Tennessee is sure to win you over. The best way to see all of this and more is through a holiday organised by a company like Trek America.

The USA has many great states to explore, but those seeking somewhere slightly alternative to the obvious choices need look no further than the above three. They are areas that are slightly off the beaten path where you get to experience authentic America and enjoy the country’s amazing natural beauty.