Android Vs. iPhone: How to Choose Between the Two

There are currently over 6 billion cellphone users across the globe. It’s no secret that cellphones are a major part of our lives. Deciding what kind of cellphone to use throughout your daily life is no easy task! 

Technology is constantly updating and cellphones are continuing to have more power than ever before. With more cellphones on the market to choose from, customers may have a hard time deciding which type of cellphone is right for them. You may have experienced this firsthand with the android vs iPhone debate. 

Android vs iPhone has been a constant question amongst cellphone users for many years. As both brands continue to upgrade and improve, the trials between android vs iPhone users are continuing to grow. So, if you’re ready to invest in a new cellphone, check out our comprehensive guide to android vs iPhone. 

Android Vs iPhone

When comparing Android vs iPhone there are a variety of features to consider. Both technical and non-technical features can be accessed when comparing each brand.

Operating System 

A recent study finds that American cellphone users interact with their phones over 96 times per day. With users spending so much time on their phones, they can become very familiar with the device’s unique operating system. One of the primary differences between Android vs iPhone is the way the operating system looks. 

Both operating systems offer easy interactivity with a relatively low learning curve. When it comes to iPhone users vs android users, there are definitely some users who would argue that their operating system is better. 

The truth is, each operating system has its own benefits and is constantly being updated with the latest software technology. 


There’s no hiding the fact that some cellphones can be expensive! Whether you choose an iPhone or an android, you could end up spending nearly $2,000 for certain models. However, android is specifically known for more budget-friendly cellphone options.

Android has a wide selection of cellphones for all budgets. Android cellphones can go for as low as $100 whereas the cheapest iPhone starts around $200. 

It’s important to note that each brand has its own set of price points with phones ranging from the low hundreds to the thousands. As new cellphones come out each year, older models will become more affordable! 

Voice Assistants and AI

When you think of a smartphone, the first thing that comes to mind may be the amount of computing power it has. When it comes to android vs iPhone each system has its own unique voice assistant. 

iPhone’s Siri voice assistant offers many different features to give users a unique experience. Android makes use of Google’s AI called Google Assistant. Google Assistant works with many different Google apps to create a powerful voice experience. 

Regardless of which brand of cellphone you choose, you’ll be able to experience world-class artificial intelligence and assistance through voice programs! 

Cross-Platform Abilities 

One of the biggest negatives about iPhones and Apple products, in general, is the lack of cross-platform compatibility. In short, if you’re running something on any system other than an Apple product, chances are the program won’t be compatible with your iPhone. 

If you’re looking to download any data through an Android file transfer Mac option, you’ll need to use a third party or unofficial application to do so.

When using Android products, there is a much more open source and cohesive process of download your data. When it comes to a hardware standpoint, Androids are also a lot more compatible with other products. 

Many Androids still use standard USB charging cords and other commonplace hardware that is easily accessible and fairly cheap to buy.

On the other hand, Apple products such as the iPhone run on lighting charging ports that are only exclusive to Apple technology. Official Apple charging products and hardware are highly expensive compared to other products on the market. 

Update Frequency 

It’s no secret that Apple absolutely wins this category. Apple IOS is constantly being updated to the latest standards and regularly undergoes major changes to the software across all of the companies products.

Android updates are very efficient however they are not as frequent as Apple updates. This means that you’ll likely be stuck with the same system bugs for longer periods of time if there were to be any issues with your software when you first get your new cellphone. 

Camera and Physical Hardware 

It’s important to note that the physical specs of either an iPhone or an Android can highly fluctuate depending on which model you decide to get. As a general rule of thumb, the more you pay for your device, the better the camera and hardware you can expect to get. 

When looking at the iPhone vs android camera debate, the two are actually more similar than one might first believe. Both of the newer models of iPhone and android can record video input to 4K resolution with a 12-megapixel camera. Both iPhone and android boast the dual camera features that help make the cameras so high powered. 

One major plus of Android phones is the price tag for a dual-camera phone which can come in as low as $200. Dual camera iPhones are still upwards of $800. 

Third-Party Apps 

One of the biggest advantages of Android apps is compatibility with third-party applications. The Google Play store is a lot more relaxed when it comes to the kind of apps allowed on phones. 

The Apple AppStore is still a major contender for iPhone users as the platform offers over 2 million different apps. The Apple app store also boasts some of the tightest security features in the mobile space. 

Which Cellphone Will You Choose?

As technology across the mobile phone space continues to develop, it’s safe to say that the Android vs iPhone debate will live on forever. We hope we’ve helped you narrow down your decision as to which phone is right for you. 

In the end, choosing the right phone really means taking a look at what your needs are. Access your budget and your technology needs and you’re sure to make the best choice for you!