Backend tech: How do online casinos work?

Any gal who is interested in the tech world will know about online gaming. This digital way of playing games has really taken off in recent years as internet technology has advanced. One niche within online gaming that is especially popular is playing at online casinos. Whether on the way to work or chilling out at home, these online sites offer a huge selection of slots and casino card games to enjoy. If you are really lucky, you might even win some money at them!

One burning tech question many have though is simple: How do online casinos actually work?

Platform and software crucial

You may not realize but the online casino site actually buys the casino platform it operates on and any games it carries from specialist providers. In terms of the platform, many will operate on what is known as a ‘white label’ solution where only the actual online casino brand is featured. Some will operate on a ‘self-service’ platform which allows the online casino site to develop their own platform to use via a provider.

As well as the platform, the most crucial thing in many ways is the gaming software that any online casino carries. There are many software developers out there from QuickSpin to NetEnt who online operators can sign deals with to carry their games. A great illustration of this can be seen via the games PA online casino sites offer to players. Once the games are installed on the platform, they are tweaked to be compatible with all major operating systems. This allows you to play from whatever device you have.

Website created and domain purchased

Once the basics are in place, the online casino would then purchase a domain name to use and create their website. The platform they have decided to use and gaming software will sit inside this overall framework. Usually, an external agency would be employed to do this and use standard web development tools like Dreamweaver.

When building the site, there are some key technical features that any online casino will pay attention to. Perhaps the most essential is the online security measures it has in place to protect players’ money and details. Typically, this would involve high levels of data encryption via the use of tech like Secure Socket Layers. The other key technical factor for online casino sites is signing deals with payment providers and integrating payment methods into the website. Traditionally this has been things like PayPal or credit cards but next level cryptocurrency payment methods are now starting to be seen.

Online casinos are technical marvels

In terms of the technical aspects of running an online casino, the above are the main concerns. Once the site is set up and has been tested, it is a case of opening to the public and marketing the new venture via digital methods like social media. Of course, it remains key for online casinos to keep a constant check on their site for any technical problems like broken links or slow page speeds as they continue to operate.