Better Nights and Brighter Mornings: Top Apps and Gadgets to Start Your Day Right

Sometimes waking up in the morning can be really hard. If you find it hard to stop hitting the snooze button in the morning, it may because your inner clock is set to late sleep and wake-up timed. This condition is known as phase delay. It’s not as hard as you may think to reset your inner clock, all you have to do it go to bed at a regular time and not sleep in late on the weekends. Here are some apps and gadgets to help you reset your circadian rhythm.

Wake up Gently

This alarm clock app has a soothing way to wake you. With its gentle wake-up mode, Alarm Clock for Me will play your favorite soothing tune to rouse you from slumber. It will continue to play until you turn it off or press snooze, so you wake up on time, feeling great every day. When it’s time for bed, the app will help you drift to sleep by playing restful melodies or white noise for a preset time.

Grab a Cup of Joe

How would you like a cup of coffee freshly made for you when you get out of bed? No one there to do it for you? You need Nespresso. This smart coffee machine syncs wireless to your tablet or smartphone so you can start your brew off from the bedroom or even the shower. By the time you’re dressed, your morning beverage will be ready.

Keep your Feet Cozy

Who likes to climb out of bed in the morning and put their feet on a cold floor? No one. With these USB heated slippers, your feet will be toasty as soon as you get out of bed. And they’ll also put a smile on your face when you picture yourself slipping your feet into marshmellowy S’Mores. The slippers are one size to fit most and are compatible with most USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.

Combat Dry Air

The Osmos Smart Humidifier allows you to control the humidity of your bedroom with your smart phone. Because it has sensors, it will know when the room needs more moisture and it will wirelessly connect with your phone so you can easily adjust the settings. Once the humidity in the room is balanced, the device will shut itself off automatically. It will also send you a notification when its one-gallon water tank needs refilling.

Keep a Gentle Night Light

If you’re tired of fumbling around for the light switch when you have to take a midnight trip to the bathroom, check out the under-bed night lights. The two LED strips are motion sensitive and don’t come on until you step out of bed, so they won’t keep you awake all night. They bright enough to prevent you from stubbing your toe, but won’t disturb your sleeping partner. These high-tech devices can help you sleep better and more peacefully and will ensure that when you do wake up, you’re ready to start the day fresh and full of energy.

Scott Hurst works as a life coach, helping people to improve all aspects of their life and outlook to life whether they seek a new career, or indeed a new life!