Digital Nomad Hubs in Latin America

Waking up to sunrises like this makes Costa Rica one of the best digital nomad hubs in Latin America ... photo by CC user amaynez on Flickr

While Southeast Asia gets the lion’s share of the attention when it comes to digital nomad hubs around the world, Latin America is also home to a variety of cities and nations where the cost of living is low, and the lifestyle benefits are high.

Whether you choose to explore the possibility of setting up in the heart of Central America by taking some Costa Rica vacations, or head down all the way south to Argentina to partake in some cheap carne asado in between work sessions, the possibilities for establishing digital nomad hubs in Latin America are endless. Let’s explore a few of the places are have been gaining favor with the laptop crowd lately…

1) Costa Rica

With lush rainforests, beaches that boast ample opportunity for swimming and surfing, and the most diverse animal and plant life per square mile anywhere on the planet, Costa Rica makes a compelling case to be a digital nomad hub on lifestyle considerations alone.

Being one of the wealthier nations in Latin America and its reputation for stable democratic government also play in its favor though, as it has enabled a strong internet architecture to be laid down, and with expat communities offering most of the comforts of home (albeit at an elevated price), you too can live the tropical dream and have a good wireless connection.

This nation isn’t as well known in digital nomad circles (yet), but people are starting to clue in, so get in there and start building the community here!

2) Medellin

Located in the highlands of Colombia and being the former home of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, Medellin may appear to be a questionable place for one to locate if you place too much stock in its sordid past.

The present reality is much different, as the vastly improved security situation has allowed this eternal spring climate of this equatorial city to shine through. With a boisterous nightlife and excellent food, not to mention affordable rent and strong wi-fi, today’s Medellin is a hard place to beat for the digitally inclined. If you’re coming from abroad and have to transit through the US on your way to Colombia, make sure you don’t need a visa as many people make that mistake. Consult this website for more info:

3) Buenos Aires

Considered by many to be the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires mixes exquisite architecture, cheap world class steak that melts in your mouth, and a tango all night, sleep all day approach in a way that will have you hooked on this place within 24 hours of touching down here.

Most elements of living here come cheaper than home, especially when you change American Dollars at the blue rate, as the local currency has experienced rapid inflation in recent years.