What geek games are never going to go out of style?

Seeing as the past year has given us powerful next-gen console titles like No Man’s Sky and Mass Effect: Andromeda that have proven to be little more than a massive disappointment, it’s good to know that there are some failsafe retro games out there.

From pocket-sized puzzle games, to classic platformers, there’s something about classic geeky games that can always bring a smile to our faces.

And with some very nerdy boardgames and online roulette games making a comeback, there’s never been a better time to enjoy these top geek games!

Most nerds will have probably grown up with a Nintendo or Sega games console. And whilst being able to play Super Mario Run on a smartphone is pretty cool, there’s something about playing classic Sega titles like Altered Beast, Golden Axe and Sonic the Hedgehog that’s even better than Nintendo’s mobile efforts!

Similarly, whilst plenty of virtual reality enthusiasts have been raving about how Star Trek: Bridge Crew offers a great VR co-op experience, true sci-fi nerds know that Star Wars Monopoly delivers plenty more long-lasting fun.

Whether it’s buying up property on Tatooine, Dagoba, or Hoth, it’s the way that it combines the iconography of Star Wars with the classic gameplay of Monopoly that’ll keep all true geeks coming back for more!

And what about the weird renaissance of the Dungeons and Dragons board game? Whilst there were plenty of nerds out there who lost half of their lives to World of Warcraft, a few more insightful geeks have realised that Dungeons and Dragons is the best way to lose yourself in a fantasy world.

Plus with handy websites to take care of all of the complicated rules, there’s never been a better time to indulge in a little D&D!

Similarly, many math-centric nerds have found that casino games like blackjack and roulette have given them the perfect change to flex their mathematical muscles.

And with the Lucky Nugget Casino’s blog giving us an opportunity to learn about the Finobacci system, it seems that even the complex probability systems of roulette can be made a little less taxing!

But whilst we can all praise the powers of board games and online roulette options, it all still pales next to the all-conquering power of Tetris. Not only is it still weirdly addictive but it also still holds the title of the most popular game of all-time – not bad for a 33 year-old game!