How to Make Money Freelancing Online

This laptop is all you need to figure out how to make money freelancing online... photo by CC user CQuadratNet on pixabay

Getting nervous in your office job these days? We don’t blame you. The Great Recession uncovered the willingness of many employers to shed skilled employees for cheaper equivalents overseas, leaving many scrambling to find ways to generate more capital in the brave new world that we find ourselves in these days.

While corporate job security is a thing of the past, the good news is that those that have professions that can be done digitally these days can build their own safety net, making it easy for many employees to fire their boss and farm out their skills to clients all over the world from the comfort of their home – or from a hammock in Southeast Asia.

In the this article, we will go over three skill sets that can be done with nothing but a laptop and a good wi-fi connection.

photo by CC user doctormo on deviantart

1) Programming

The backbone of websites and software applications are millions of lines of code that tell them how to react to the needs of their users. With the number of web startups growing exponentially, the need for programming ninjas has never been greater.

What’s more, many founders seeking to save on paying out benefits and leasing office space actually prefer to hire freelancers to help build the apps, web platforms, or the guts of the software that they swear will change the face the world.

If you are able to crank out high quality code, you can make $6,000 to $16,000 a month or more, with rates varying depending on the language (PHP, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, etc) in which you specialize.

photo by CC user Gary Bridgman on wikimedia

2) Writing

If the thought of coding intimidates you, a much easier way to get into web freelancing is to offer your services as a writer to publications, websites and blogs. Content writing is becoming a need that is in ever-increasing demand as owners of internet properties realize the importance of content marketing.

While this avenue has a low barrier to entry, this fact also means that it isn’t as lucrative as the other options highlighted in this article.

Even so, those that constantly work to improve their skills and acquire multiple clients can expect to be earning at least $1,000 per month within half a year, which is enough money to enjoy a comfortable life in places like Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

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3) Graphic Design

As websites and internet start-ups continue their explosive growth, it isn’t just code and content that they are seeking. They need custom graphics, WordPress themes and other visually-based elements built from scratch as well.

Rather than deal with the slow-moving bureaucracy of corporate firms, bootstrapping entrepreneurs often prefer the flexibility, speed and unencumbered creativity of freelance graphic designers. If you have an eye for good design and a steady hand, you can eventually make about $100/hour with reputable clients in the business world.