It Is Always Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

Many people feel intimidated and overwhelmed just to think and plan about their web security plan. The most common reason why they feel this is because they are often not familiar with the important details regarding online protection. However, ignoring this potential threat could probably cost a lot of damage, whether financially, or emotionally, or both. SiteLock Scam stress that preparing and planning some sort of online security layer should actually be given high priority by anyone who is currently using the internet, and a trusted cyber security company SiteLock is a good partner to have.


A Chameleon Enemy Means A Comprehensive Solution is Needed

15855489588_6c209780a9_bLike the pesky cold virus, hackers are always changing their methods to attack websites. The same dilemma is faced by cyber security experts everywhere in the world. Both sides are engaging in an arms race that seems unending. As soon as one side gets a new weapon, the other side upgrades. This causes the other side to also upgrade, and the cycle continues. Similarly, online there really is no way to protect oneself except by constantly updating one’s cyber protection plan. Fortunately, cyber security company SiteLock also keeps its improving its products, services as well as its group of program engineers. In order to be able to meet individual website demands and requirements, SiteLock has prepared various kinds of online protection packages.

Block Malware Even Before It Enters Your Website

One of the most common ways a hacker tries to sneak into your website is by introducing a seemingly benign piece of software program into your website code. What it is actually doing is actually more sinister because it actually opens up a backdoor that would allow even more destructive program to come in and do all kinds of mischief in your website. SiteLock’s programs would identify and eliminate suspicious external threats, thus keeping your website clean and safe. This would guarantee that your website would not be deemed as insecure by search engines and blacklisted (thus not appearing on search engines’ lists of hits). One of the products of SiteLock is a scanning system that regularly scans a website, looking for vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be used by hackers who might try to slip in their own malware.

Do Not Let Your Website Stand Unprotected Against DDoS Attacks

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is another common type of cyber attack. It basically works by trying to crash a website due to an overload of requests that literally would shut down the website. This could translate into a terrible situation when legitimate customers would not be able to access the attacked site, which could mean a significant loss of revenue, potential new clients, and even a ruined reputation. There are numerous other attack methods, but since hackers are always changing their programs, everybody simply needs to team up with a reliable cyber security expert like SiteLock. After all, your peace of mind is priceless.