Keeping Your Classic Ride in Mint Condition: A Guide 

Nothing gets some people started like the rumbling of a classic car engine. If you have invested in one, you may be curious about how to keep it in mint condition.

Robert Bassam has extensive experience in this area, as he has been collecting these vehicles for years. He has a lot of money earned during his career amassing a collection of hot rods that would make most guys drool. Each of them are gorgeous because he pours a great deal of love into caring for each of them.

In this post, we’ll teach you how to keep these autos in mint condition for years to come.

1) Wash your vehicle often

Sounds time consuming? It probably is, but neglecting to keep dirt and other debris off your ride can lead to a ton of issues if you don’t take care of business often enough.

Your auto will end up losing its lustre after a while, and caked-on dust can contain corrosives which can hurt its body over time. Eventually, it can develop rust, which can cost you a fortune to fix.

Taking time out of your schedule to wash your classic cars can eat up your free time, but doing this won’t just help to keep it looking fine, it will form a relationship between you and your new prized possession.

2) Put some wax on

Your classic hot rod needs more than just a regular wash to keep it shining – there’s another step you need to follow. If you want a car that has that ‘best in show’ look, you need to apply wax at least twice per year.

After you do this, washes will be all you’ll need to get that shine, causing the same looks of puzzlement from others that you once had. While you’re at it, apply some chrome polish to your rims as well, and you’ll be sure to get tons of looks from passerbys.

3) Care for your car’s interior 

Classic car owners tend to pay obsessive attention to the exterior, but don’t forget to care just as much about the interior of your baby.

Dashboards that get dusty and dull can tank someone’s opinion of your ride, which is something you should keep in mind before you start offering to drive your friends around.

UV rays are the biggest threat aside from dirt and grime – both of these can be banished by regularly applying leather creams to their surface.

Don’t forget to treat your vinyl upholstery as well – they have their own cleaners, so follow the directions and go to town regularly.

By caring as much about the inside as you with the outside, your car will be in a condition that will allow you to boast about it to everyone you meet.

4) Remember to perform regularly scheduled maintenance

Keeping a classic car in mint condition is tough to do, but don’t let its inner maintenance slide either. It needs regular oil changes, or it might die in the middle of nowhere.

Change your brakes regularly, or their squealing will make you look like an idiot in front of everyone at every stop light.

When the check engine light comes on, take your car into the garage. It can cost enough a lot to fix now, or it can cost you a fortune later – your choice.