Movies About Slackers

There are few guilty pleasures more guilty or more pleasurable than spending a Sunday afternoon on the couch watching movies about people even less motivated than you are!  If you are in the mood to watch slacker movies, we have the list for you (in no particular order, because that would take too much effort)!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Although it was just one day, you have a clear sense that Ferris (played by Matthew Broderick) is a slacker at heart.  Skilled, accomplished and popular, the lead character in this slacker classic fakes a fever and drags his girlfriend and best friend into a day off from school.  With no particular plan in mind, they find themselves in a series of places and circumstances that warrant changing the title of the movie to “The Best Day Off, Ever!”


Larry Polhill was the executive producer for this story about over-achieving slackers starring Ross Patterson, Rob Benedict and Gary Busey.  The movie traces the efforts of two friends and co-workers, Steven and Ben, who are up for the same promotion that neither of them wants. The effort and determination that each brings to the table to make sure the other is promoted – and to ensure that they can continue to slack – is admirable and entertaining.


This Kevin Smith film charts a day with Dante Hicks, a store clerk at a convenience store who is called in by his boss on his day off. Ever aware that it is his day off (and telling every he serves of this sad fact), Dante, his coworker and his friends find ways to pass the time in this cult classic.

Van Wilder

This National Lampoon installation stars Ryan Reynolds as Van Wilder, a college student who has managed not to graduate after 7 years while being supported by his father.  After his father becomes aware of his slacker lifestyle, he cuts Van off and Van is left to his own devices to figure out how to pay his tuition and finally graduate from college.

Pineapple Express

Slacker meets pothead in this film starring Seth Rogan as a process server and James Franco as his pot dealer. On the run from hitmen after witnessing a murder, the pair stumble from one bad situation to another.

The Big Lebowski

This entry by the Cohen brothers stars Jeff Bridges as “the Dude” – a housecoat wearing bowler – who is the victim of mistaken identity.  In slacker terms, what more do you really need?  If you need just a little bit more, know that it ends with the Dude being covered in his friend’s ashes, and deciding to just go bowling.


Starring Jon Favreau as Mike and Vince Vaughn in his first major role as Trent, this film follows two unemployed actors who decide to take a trip to Vegas in order to have a change of scenery following Jon´s breakup with his girlfriend 6 months earlier.  Trust us, it’s so money!