Non-explosive battery? Is that possible?

Lithium-ion battery, which powers a large variety of consumer products (For example, cell phones, electronic vehicles, portable charger, portable power banks etc.) is causing more incidents than the past. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), over 25,000 batteries were overheated or caught fire and some of them resulted in explosion, causing serious burns, damages to the body in 5-years-time. Even explosion of small products such as a cell phone or portable charger causes serious injuries, what will happen when a huge battery such as a portable power station explodes? Can you believe if there is a portable power station that doesn’t explode even when penetrating the product with nail for a product test? Introducing Mjolnir, portable power station equipped with lithium-titanate battery with no risk of explosion.

The most powerful and safe power station, Mjolnir.

Lithium-titanate battery’s explosion point is 400°C, while Lithium-ion battery explosion point is 230°C. As said above, it didn’t explode in the product test when the nail penetrated the battery. Mjolnir’s features do not end here. It provides 5400W of power – existing products usually offer 3600W of power up to 4500W if overdrive. With 5400W of power, you can light a bulb for 26+ hours, power refrigerator for 5~7 hours, television for 6~13 hours. It even can power welding machine and heavy-duty worksite equipment for a short time. If you drive an electric vehicle, you can charge your EV to drive 3.2 miles (5km) to reach the nearest charging station when your EV’s battery runs out on the road. What’s even greater is this powerful gadget only takes half an hour to be fully charged. Isn’t it amazing?

It’s not only safe and powerful! Use Mjolnir any when, anywhere.

You can use this versatile portable power station in various situation. You can use it when electricity cuts off suddenly. In an unexpected power outage, Mjolnir will provide you enough power to light up the house, run your refrigerator for few hours, charge your electronic devices. Did you know that the most of power banks don’t work in freezing temperature? In extreme temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C), MJOLNIR’s lithium-titanate battery retains up to 80% of its full performance. Since it is relatively light to existing products – it weighs 46lbs (21kg) while traditional products usually weigh 99lbs (45kg) – it has high portability. If you enjoy your outdoor activities such as camping, put Mjolnir in your trunk. Light the lamp, power the speaker, cook with the portable induction and charge your electronic devices with Mjolnir. Camping is not necessarily inconvenient.

Mjolnir is now launched on Kickstarter.

Are you in need of a power bank? Mjolnir is now available on Kickstarter with discounted price. This price will only be available on Kickstarter, so if you are interested and want to find more information about Mjolnir, please search Mjolnir on official Kickstarter Website.