The perfect romantic holidays at the breathtaking island of Moorea

Sights like this are commonplace of the island of Moorea ... photo by CC user Rv on wikimedia

Moorea is an island just a few nautical miles from Tahiti and sits on the splendid Society Islands archipelago. Naturally gifted with many landscapes and underwater world, its also known in the world as one of the most romantic getaways. Whats more interesting is that its also light on your budget, think of it as Tahiti with less crowded beaches, earning it the world-class label of the most romantic places on earth.

Its also one of the rarest places on earth where you get awakened by the early crowing of roosters, yep the people are simply into rural farming but itll grow old on you as you stay longer on the island, to some it simply resets their body clock, boy do the foreigners love it. Oh, and if you still dont have your ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) Visa, you can simply apply for one online.

Getting to Moorea is quite easy, there is a tiny airstrip on the island with Air Tahiti providing the flights many times a day and thanks to the French, the roads are just perfect for a better exploration of the island. Mind the taxis though because they dont come cheap, but you do have the choice to rent a truck for a minimal fee instead.

Romantic holidays has never been this exciting and packed with plenty of activities, courtesy of the laidback lifestyle on the island.

Off-roading is quite a popular activity on the island, Mooreas amazing interior is really a sight to behold. Nah, the locals have already made it easier for you so you really have nothing to think about, just enjoy the bumpy ride.

The islands beautiful beaches are by far the most sought after for couples looking for tender hours under the starry night whilst cuddling on the beach over a camp fire. There is also a private resort namely the Sofitel Beach for those looking for absolute privacy, its high end so you know what youre asking for. Nonetheless, Temae which is just beside Sofitel Beach is can be almost empty during the week giving room for a quieter beach experience.

Treat your special someone for a more physically challenging activity; theyre not all about bungee jumping or sky diving, sometimes hiking can be so challenging as well. There is a pretty expansive network of trails on Moorea, mind the muddy parts and the bugs after all youre looking for some exciting walks.

Other dry land activities include horseback riding, which is an easier way to explore the islands interiors. Amazingly, you can have a fresh serving of fruits right from the trees when you reach the high point. Isnt that sweet, yep the pineapples on the island are particularly sweet.

Surfers also love Moorea however the reef breaks mostly making it ideal for advanced surfers only. However, you can just go snorkeling on every resort, just about anywhere on the lagoon is pretty amazing. Athletic snorkelers can swim across a channel between Motu Fareone and Motu Tiahura off the northwest point to spot amazing wildlife, however if you rather want to take a boat ride, theres plenty of them on most resorts.

Ever heard of the traditional Tahitian village named Tiki Village? Yeah right, this ones where the best dining can be had, complete with mood uplifting entertainment courtesy of the in-house dancers, singers, and musicians. Perhaps, you can even have your exotic proposal here, just talk to the right people and everything can be arranged according to your plans.

Moorea fits about for any soul looking for a calming holiday. Theres nothing sweeter than quiet beaches and breathtaking landscapes.