Preparing for Your Summer Vacation for Ultimate Relaxation

Between the weather and the easy-living mentality, the summer season is prime time for relaxing getaways and fun adventures. However, prepping for vacation can be more stressful than it actually needs to be, especially if you wait until the last minute to take care of the details.

In order to completely relax and have a stress-free vacation, here are a few easy ways to prep ahead of time.



One of the most difficult aspects to traveling is packing your suitcase. For most, it can be hard to gauge what clothing or how much clothing they should bring on their trip. From inclement weather to unexpected accidents to unplanned events, there always seems to be something that can make even the best planners second guess whether they have the right clothing, toiletries, and other products.

An easy way to ensure you have the right items is to plan out your itinerary ahead of time. If you know what you plan to do and when you plan to do it, you will know what to bring and how much to bring. Additionally, planning ahead of time gives you an opportunity to get any items you may need for your trip. From Airy Hair extensions to adaptors for your electronics (including blow dryers and curling irons) to finding the perfect going out outfit, giving yourself enough time can help you find exactly what you are looking for so you are as prepared as possible for your trip.

Contact Info

While it is a smart idea to give someone your contact info, especially if traveling alone, be selective about who gets your contact info. Nothing can hinder R&R more than if you give your info to someone who constantly interrupts your time with non-emergency calls.

Additionally, let clients know when you go out of town in order to minimize work calls. If you think it is necessary, consider giving them a colleague’s number in case of an emergency.

To-Do Lists

Making to-do lists can help save your sanity when it comes to preparing for a vacation. The lists can help you keep track of all chores you need to get done before vacation as well as helping you to avoid forgetting something important, such as your passport, driver’s license, or plane ticket. Make three different lists: one of things to do a month before, one of things to do a week before, and one of things to do the day before. A month before, you should have your bookings all confirmed, including your hotel and airport transfers. A week before, you may want to get a haircut, get your nails done and book in for hair Removal in Bellevue, WA (or wherever you live) to get your legs silky smooth ready for hitting the beach or pool. The day before, you should have everything packed, ready to set off in the morning!

After-Vacation Schedule

For many, even on vacation it can be hard to leave work and the daily responsibilities behind. A great way to keep yourself from worrying about everything awaiting you when you get home is to create a schedule for the week after you get back home. Having your obligations organized ahead of time, whether it be your work schedule or home schedule, will help you feel more in control of your schedule, allowing you to have complete and total peace of mind while relaxing on your well-deserved vacation.

Taking the time to prepare properly for your vacation can help you clear your mind and leave everything behind so you can have a fun, restful vacation.

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