Why Private Jet Chartering is Likely to Overtake Business Class Travel

Could private jet travel take over business class when it comes to executive travel? The surprising answer to this is yes.

While private jet charter is certainly not, and likely never will be, considered “cheap”, it is definitely a lot more affordable than it once was. This has led to an increasing number of business travellers taking advantage of this luxurious, competitively priced mode of travel. Below, we’ll look at why private jet chartering is likely to overtake business class travel in the not too distant future.

Private jet charters can cost less than business class

It might sound hard to believe, but private jet charters can sometimes be found at the same price as a business class commercial flight. In some cases, the flights can even be cheaper than business class. So, with that in mind it’s easy to see why they’re becoming a popular option for executive travel.

Of course, it does depend upon where you’re travelling to. If business travellers are simply looking to hire a jet to take them to different parts of the UK, it’s going to be cheaper to hire a jet to the UK than it is to a destination such as Prague for example.

However, even long-haul private jet charters can be affordable. While between £500-£700 per person isn’t going to be a viable option for the average holiday-maker, for businesses they have the option to share the cost with other local businesses. They also generally have a larger budget than consumers so paying the £500 per person may not be an issue; especially considering commercial business flights can cost even more than that.

Empty leg seats make private jets more affordable

There’s another reason private jet charters could overtake business class and that’s the availability of empty leg seats.

These empty leg seats are sold at a much lower cost than usual as airlines look to book up flights already due to be in the air. You’ll find low cost, competitive empty leg seats through top airlines such as Vista Jet. The airline would much rather sell the empty seats off at a reduced rate, than earn nothing from them at all.

Overall, private jets are becoming on-par in terms of cost with business class travel. However, the experience provided is a lot more luxurious. It’s for this reason, private jet chartering is likely to overtake business class travel in the not too distant future.