Protecting Your Websites from Security Threats

Even the smallest, most insignificant website can be hacked. Typically hackers are not looking to steal data or deface your site; website security breaches are most often a means for hackers to access your server to send spam emails or to store potentially illegal or damaging files.

Automated scripts are written to scour the internet and breach known website security issues in software. These malicious scripts work 24 hours a day looking for holes in your security.

The challenge of daily monitoring and management of your website security, when faced with the rapidly changing landscape of digital media, can often be overwhelming. Hiring a reputable website security firm to oversee your site takes the stress off your plate. There are a number of companies that will handle everything for just a few pennies a day. Choosing the best one for your needs requires some research on your part.


8 Million websites protected and counting.

SiteLock is one of the largest website security companies available with over 8,000,000 websites protected by their services. While researching how best to protect your website from security breaches, you may find unsubstantiated rumors like the SiteLock Scam, but their partnerships and client roster speaks for itself with such well-known companies as GoDaddy and HostGator and Network Solutions.

Stress-free website security

In a perfect world, we could hand over all our problems for someone else to handle. With SiteLock you know that your site is safe and secure.

A cloud-based website security company they offers daily scanning, automatic malware removal, web app firewalls along with 24/7 phone support and an easy to use dashboard all designed to protect your website from insidious hacking. If there is ever an issue, you will be notified immediately, and they will take care of the problem.

Once you choose SiteLock for as your website security company it is easy to set up. Onboarding with their expertly trained 24-hour support staff will allow you to understand all the nuances and even better; there is no installation and no downtime.

A site your customers can trust

Your clients want to know they can safely share their personal data with you and that their credit information and identities are protected. Partnering with a website security firm such as SiteLock provides peace of mind by offering verification and their SiteLock Trust Seal to place on your site. Customer confidence is imperative for e-commerce site in particular and having the SiteLock Trust Seal ensures that visitors and clients know the information they share with your site is secure.

One website security company fits all

When searching for a website security company to protect and enhance your site, SiteLock offers the most comprehensive plans, adjusting for the smallest blog site to major corporate e-commerce sites. Every plan comes with standard features including daily Malware scanning, automatic Malware removal, advanced website acceleration, the SiteLock Trust Seal, basic DDoS protection, multi-lingual dashboard and 24-hour support.

Website security should always be a consideration to protect your clients and your reputation. Choosing a reputable company with over 8 million success stories will give you and your customers the peace of mind they need in today’s digital world.