Is Your Home Safe From Hackers?

You might have watched countless films where a hacker has managed to infiltrate an online government site or managed to transfer millions with just the click of a mouse, but do you wonder how vulnerable your own personal data and privacy actually is to the same sort of attack?

The majority of us tend to rely on a variety of tech gadgets in your homes, many of which are often connected to the internet. You are hopefully vigilant with your online security when it comes to protecting your computer and smartphone from hackers, but could they find another way into your home to steal your information?

To prove a point about the vulnerability of webcams Russian hackers posted hundreds of unsecured video feeds and images captured on people’s home security cameras and even baby monitors.

If you don’t protect your security by changing the default password when you install these systems in your home you are making it extremely easy for a hacker to gain control of these devices and see what you are doing and when you are at home.

The thought of someone spying on you in your home or gaining access to steal personal information by infiltrating your home network should be enough of a motivation to take the threat seriously.

This infographic looks at the threats that are all around your home and even include the car you drive and it will almost certainly cause you to question whether someone is watching you right now. The folllowing infographic is from