SiteLock wins in Customer Service Reviews

With over 8 million satisfied clients SiteLock has become one of the largest global leaders in website security. Protecting millions of websites every day from hackers, spambots, malicious attempts to steal personal and financial data. No matter the size of your site, it is vulnerable to cyber attacks every minute of every day that it remains unprotected.

Ensuring your website is secure and safe for readers and customers is important not only to them but to you too. This is your online reputation, and one severe cyber attack can destroy your online credibility. In fact, a recent study suggested that over 65% of small businesses that suffer an extreme attack never fully recover and are out of business within six months.

Choosing SiteLock to protect your website means you receive 24-hour protection 365 days of the year. It never stops. There is always someone keeping an eye on your site. With their continuous daily monitoring, expertly trained technicians and superior customer service you can sleep easy knowing your website is protected by the best.

In a series of recent SiteLock reviews, past clients are thrilled by the professional courtesy, the quick response time during an emergency, the ease of working with SiteLock’s customer service representatives and the relatively low cost of their four-tiered programs.


SiteLock client L. Shavak was very satisfied with his customer service saying, “The customer service rep I worked with was professional, extremely helpful, polite and an absolute pleasure to deal with. He made the stress of malware on my blog much better to deal with, and I was very happy with everything he organised for me.”

P. Miller wrote into SiteLock to tell them about his exemplary interaction with his customer service rep who went the extra mile and even followed up with another call to make sure everything had been resolved. “I’m writing this email to let you know that your employee provided me with outstanding customer service during all communication regarding some domain and email issues we’ve been experiencing. He did an amazing job and directed my call to the appropriate department, making sure I would be assisted and, unexpectedly, followed up to check on how my issue was resolved. This is something not everybody does.”

SiteLock handles websites of all shapes and sizes from small personal blog sites to huge multi-national e-commerce sites. Their expertise and level of commitment in providing the best in customer service and website security features have elevated them to being a global leader in online security. Working with industry leaders such as Go Daddy and Network only strengthens their resolve to provide their clients with the most advanced, comprehensive and efficient security program available today.