Top College Hacks That Every Student Should Know

Going college is an exciting time, leaving home, living on your own having to make it through life on little money whilst trying to amass knowledge that will serve yo once you start your career. Aside from the educational stuff it is a great way to make new friends and have new experiences. As many students will know however, life can be tough, for this reason people all over the internet like Steven Rindner search and publish college hacks to make your life a little easier and we have some of our very own for you. Implement these hacks and make your life instantly easier.

College Schedule on Lock Screen

Missing class is never recommended and in order to ensure that you don’t miss a class again, change you lock screen and your wallpaper on your phone to a photograph of your schedule. You know very well that you are never separated from your phone and this way you will have your class schedule in the palm of your hand at all times.

Color Code Notebooks

How many times have you taken the wrong notebook to the classroom? It happens right? Well color coding those notebooks can help you avoid such a terrible fate. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just take a felt tip and color in the top of the pages of your text book, this way you can be sure that you don’t have to blag it in class when you have the wrong information in front of you.

Vertically Stack T-Shirts

Even your Mum would be proud of this one, to save space in your drawer and to be able to see all of your t-shirt options, simply fold them up and stack them vertically. You will see that you can fit far more t-shirts in the drawer and you can easily select which one you are going to use. Assuming they’re clean that is.

Pizza Box Plates

Ordering a pizza provides you with more than just a nighttime meal and a bit of breakfast, you can use the two sides of the pizza box as plates over the next couple of days before you throw them out. This way you can save on washing up and ensure that your beloved pizza box lives a full life before being tossed aside.

Coffee Pot Cooking

Having a coffee pot in your dorm room has multiple uses, naturally you can use it to make coffee but you can also use them to cook pasta, noodles, soups and sauces. Simply fill up your pot with your food of choice and then flick the switch, it will heat up and cook your meal without you having to move a muscle, perfectly lazy, delicious food without the hassle.

Snack Incentive Studying

What better way to give yourself an incentive to study than with snack breaks. Before you start studying plan what snacks you will have and set yourself goals for how much studying you will need to do before you indulge.