Having Trouble Streaming Your Game? Check out These 3 Amazing Capture Cards

There are a number of reasons that you might not want to stream your game playing. You might not have the bandwidth available to stream in high quality without buffering. You might want to record your play and then edit it later, or maybe add some voiceover to it? Maybe you want to create your videos in the highest quality possible? No matter what your reasons for not wanting to stream your game a capture card is a necessity to ensure that you do a good job of it. These capture cards for gamers are the best choices to help you record all of your gameplay.

AGPtek Game Capture Streaming Video HD 1080P 720P w/ IR Video Capture

The AGPtek is a reasonably priced capture card that is still jam packed full of features. With a remote control so you can easily control what is is doing from wherever you are in the room, it makes video capture nice and simple. It also offers you the ability to stream in 1080p. That’s not the last of the features you get with this card though, it has ability to connect to HDMI, composite and component leads. That means you can connect to almost any generation of console to stream from, not just the games on your PC.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 External Capture Card

The Elgato Game Capture HD60 External Capture Card doesn’t require any fiddly installation. All you need to do is plug it in and away you go. With the ability to record footage at 1080p and at 60 frames a second it is more than a match for any modern game and it can record for as long as you want it to. Not only does it work with both PC or MAC but it also gives you the opportunity to stream to Twitch or YouTube while you record if you want and you even have the option to give live commentary. This card offers a large number of features, without any hassle to go with it.

AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable Capture Card

The AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable Capture Card does exactly what it says on the tin. As a portable card it means you can take it anywhere you want. So if you want to go to a friend’s house and record your gaming session, this card means you can do it with hardly any trouble at all. It records your gameplay straight to an SD card and from there you can do whatever you wish with it. It also has a Timeshift feature so you can record things that may have happened before you actually started recording. As if that wasn’t enough the card even has the ability to upload to Twitch and a commentary feature built in too!

If you enjoy creating videos of your game playing then there are many reasons why you might want to use a capture card. No matter what your reason is, these capture cards offer you all of the features you might need to ensure that your videos are the absolute best they can be.