What a True Website Security Company Aims to Do for You

SiteLock is one of the world’s biggest companies offering website security. They are also the only one who offers this protection based on the cloud. Reading the various SiteLock reviews, it immediately becomes obvious that they stick to their promises, which includes finding and fixing threats, accelerating performance of websites, preventing attacks, and meeting all relevant standards for PCI compliances. The company was founded in 2008 and have since been able to protect some 6 million websites all over the world.

A History of SiteLock

SiteLock was founded on the premise that website security should be affordable, approachable, and available to anybody. They were true pioneers in this, and continue to be industry leaders to this day. The reality is that everything that is online has to be protected, yet the options in terms of protection continue to be quite minimal.

SiteLock doesn’t just provide security in the here and now, however, they also want to make sure that they are ready for anything in the future. This is why they collect data on what happens with their customers, so they can identify what common problems are, and use this information to keep others better protected. There is a true dedication from every member of the team to make sure that everybody, no matter who they are or where they are, can be properly protected.

To achieve those goals, they aimed to set up a one stop shop, ensuring that people no longer need to have multiple program developers to help them stay secure. Rather, they can get everything they need from one place. Additionally, SiteLock offers superb customer service, making sure that their customers’ priorities are their own priorities. They believe that they cannot be successful unless their customers are, which means they take the time to listen to any concerns their customers have, do all they can to understand the issue, and come up with solutions to resolve it. This, in turn, helps the next customer who may have a similar issue.

One thing that people respect more than anything about SiteLock is their fantastic company culture. The leadership and management team embodies this, almost seeing their staff members as another customer, meaning that their needs come first. This, in turn, encourages employees to feel fully engaged and to work as hard as they can to deliver to the actual customer. This is important, particularly considering the rapid growth and transformation that the company has experienced. They have already had to move into new offices, and it is likely that they will have to move into something bigger again very soon.

The ultimate goal for SiteLock is to make sure their customers are able to do what they do best: run their business. They want to do this in such a way that their customers no longer have to worry about things like website security. That is what SiteLock is there for, enabling people to focus on their own business with confidence.