How to Win the Affection of an Older Woman

There are many benefits involved in dating an older woman — as well as quite a few drawbacks. A mature lady has usually lived through many different experiences, which makes her confident in herself and aware of what is important in life. But she knows exactly how to spot a chancer from a mile away, so if you want to win her affection, you may need to adapt your usual approach to picking up women.

If you’re about to approach the older woman of your dreams through a site such as Milf Area, there are a few things you will need to be aware of before making your move.

Get Smart

The average older lady has dated her fair share of losers and layabouts. She will have experienced the highs and lows of dating, so she won’t have time to waste on people who don’t take pride in their appearance. Your usual jeans and T-shirt probably won’t cut it this time. Invest in a decent outfit before you make your move, and make sure you’re well groomed.

Avoid Patronising Comments

Although you may find it difficult, the best way to win the affections of an older woman is to be calm, cool and respectful. Try not to treat her as an older lady — just be yourself and try to forget about the age difference. At all costs, avoid being patronising or condescending. Most mature women will not tolerate being talked down to.

Never Mention Age

Never ask an older woman her age, and never mention your age either. To do so shows her that an obvious age gap is an issue for you. If something develops between you, the subject of age will come up naturally. If you’re attracted to her both emotionally and physically, does it really matter how many years she’s been on the planet?

Let the Compliments Flow

Whilst it is very important to ensure you don’t come across as patronising, showering her with compliments is just as important. However, this is something you will need to make a judgment call on at the time. Drawing attention to certain areas of an older woman’s body — regardless of your good intentions — could cause her to feel self-conscious and a little nervous. Keep things safe by restricting your compliments to clothes, personality traits and achievements.

Avoid Obvious Flattery

There is a very fine line between a compliment and flattery. Overt flattery will undoubtedly come across as pushy and transparent. An older woman who has been around the block a few times might take this flattery as a brazen attempt at seduction — and that’s usually a recipe for failure.

Get in Shape

Most cougars and mature women have been involved in relationships that have gone stale over time. If this is the case with your older woman, she will probably want to see you make an effort with your appearance from the outset. Make sure you’re in good physical shape, and be ready to talk about how you stay active and healthy.

Broaden Your Horizons

Sexual attraction is always the easiest and simplest issue to get over in an inter-generational relationship. But sexual magnetism alone will not win the affection of an older lady. Life experiences tend to give people a different outlook on life. Whereas you might like to spend your time clubbing, playing sports and socialising at every opportunity, she might have developed very different interests involving the arts and culture. Whether it involves reading more, getting involved in current affairs or becoming open to travelling, broadening your horizons will stand you in good stead when you’re trying to impress a mature woman. If nothing else, it will demonstrate your willingness to try new things.

Don’t Play Games

If you’re relatively young, you’ve probably had very different relationships to the older woman you’re courting. Young people can play mind games to stir up negative emotions such as jealousy or anger. They do this to make a point or manipulate their relationship to suit their own selfish needs. So if you say you’re going to call on Wednesday morning, make sure you do. Don’t be evasive, flippant, aloof or any of the immature things you have been in past relationships. Be honest, respectful and kind. In other words, be a respectful adult.

Be Open to Meeting New People

As a young guy, you are probably used to mixing with people of your own age… with similar interests to your own. But in order to impress an older woman, you will need to demonstrate your willingness to mix in different social circles. Embrace the fact that you have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people, and the mature lady you have your eye on can’t fail to notice.

Impressing an older woman is not an exact science. Every dynamic is different, so keep an open mind. Above all, be honest, charming and genuine. If there is a mutual attraction, things should develop organically.