Why Women Gamers Are Better Online Bettors

Think women gamers don't know how to bet on sports? Think again. ... photo by CC user wilkernet on pixabay

Like in pretty much every other corner of the digital marketplace, online sports betting is seeing a significant rise in female clientele. Recent studies have shown that the total number of women gambling online has quadrupled since 2007, with the last year alone seeing an increase of almost 20%. This rise, along with other demographic shifts, means that adult women now outnumber teenage boys in the world of online gaming.

The reason for this rise in female online gamblers can be partially contributed to the continued increased of smartphone and tablet usage within this demographic. Moreover, both increasing economic equality and the further demolition of traditional gender roles means that women are not only in a financial position to gamble responsibility but no longer feel uncomfortable enjoying this traditionally masculine pastime.

But can women, entering the virtual betting shop for the first time in such large numbers, keep up with their more-seasoned, male counterparts? The answer is yes, obviously. Men may have been slamming down bets for longer but women, as studies have indicated, have a temperament and mental wiring much more suited to online sports betting.


by  houdini_cs

Women Are Less Impulsive And Take Less Risks

A study reported in the Daily Mail revealed that 21% of men of those surveyed have spent more than $500 on an impulse purchase compared to only 7% of women. This lack of impulsivity, when transferred into a sports betting context, will be massively beneficial to women bettors.

Whilst their male equivalents will be taken in by unfounded tips or mouth-watering big returns, women will be more likely to carefully consider their options and not get carried away by the moment.

It is well established that impulsivity is linked to taking unneeded or unwise risks. Therefore, in line with their superior capability to be impulsive, men are also more likely to take risks with their sports betting. Whilst this trait may, on rare occasions, result in a big win, it will also lead to long-term losses.

Women, on the other hand, will make more money over a prolonged period of time due to them being more cautious and realistic about their betting choices. For example, women will happily bet on a popular jockey like Ruby Walsh and enjoy an almost guaranteed small return. Meanwhile, men will support an alluring outsider and most likely suffer an expected loss.

Women Are Better At Multitasking

It may be a cliché and a stereotype but the fact is that women are now proven to be better at multitasking than men. A conducted experiment of 120 men and women taking the same computer test, which required them to switch between tasks based on counting and shape recognition, was designed to determine which gender could do it better.

The study found that when tasks were completed in blocks, the genders remained equal. However, when the tasks were mixed up, women had the clear advantage. Overall, when required to multitask, 77% of men completed the tasks slower than 69% of women.

The ability to multitask is essential in sports betting. The ability to simultaneously check changing odds, watch the event live and flick between relevant new stories – without losing focus – will massively improve your chances of making a well thought-out and researched bet down to the wire.

Naturally, the more studious your betting choices, the greater chance you have of getting a win. Therefore, women, with their superior multitasking abilities, will have a distinct advantage in the sports betting arena.