5 Must-Have Gadgets For Women (That Actually Work)

Unlike men who usually want to own the biggest and most powerful appliance, women prefer gadgets that are time-saving, fun and offer great value for money.

This is our list of 5 must-have gadgets for women that actually work!

1. Gideon Luxury Six-Program Customizable Massaging Cushion with Heat

With 4 shiatsu-massaging modes, vibration and rolling massage options and an optional heat function, the Gideon Customizable Massaging Cushion allows you to enjoy a fully programmable massage experience anytime, anywhere. No need to make an appointment and drive miles to enjoy the benefits of a massage.

The high speed option will give you a more vigorous massage to relieve stress, knots, aches and pains while you are sitting in your chair at home after a long difficult day at work. On the other hand, the low speed option will give you a more relaxed massage that you can enjoy while you are working on your computer in the office or battling traffic while driving home after work.

2. Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Love spending summer days splashing around in your backyard pool? Robotic pool cleaners are designed to do the tedious work of cleaning the pool. There are several different models available but many of them have some drawback or the other that makes them difficult to use. Some cleaners are way too heavy, others make an awfully loud racket and others have cables that get tied into knots as the device moves back and forth in the pool.

The Dolphin 99996323 robotic pool cleaner takes care of all of the downsides, making it the perfect device for any pool owner. At 18.75 lbs, it is one of the lighter models available. The device operates quietly so you can spend time sunbathing and listening to your favorite music by the poolside without even realizing that the machine is on. It shuts off automatically after it completes the clean cycle so you simply lift it out of the pool and jump into the clean, clear water.

The knotty cable problem is taken care of with a patented swivel mechanism that lets the cable move smoothly and seamlessly in any direction without getting entangled or knotted up.

3. Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Your home is your sanctuary and nothing but the best will do to keep you safe from unwanted visitors and dangerous intruders. The Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell is the next best thing to having a personal bodyguard while you are at home.

With the Wi-Fi compatible video doorbell installed in your home, you never have to peep through the keyhole, wonder who is on the other side of the door or worry about intruders in your home. You can vet all visitors from anywhere using your tablet, computer or smartphone.

This state-of-the-art gadget has everything you need for your home protection, from night vision capability to wide-angled HD video and motion-activated alerts.

4. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Sharing photos over social media has taken the world by storm, but many of us want more. Whether you want to print out a photograph as is or you want to customize it with cutesy borders, zany emojis or tongue-in-cheek text, the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer has you covered.

Small and compact enough to slip into your smallest handbag, and with Bluetooth connectivity, you can carry your photo printer with you to any event or occasion and click, print, share your photographs right there and then.

With this ingenious portable printing device, your customized social media pictures are sure to become the talk of the town and you’ll be getting those likes even before you get home from the party.

5. BearMoo Hair Straightening Brush

If you’re tired of trying to tame your frizzy hair, it’s time to invest in the BearMoo Hair Straightening Brush. The sleek black exterior houses advanced MCH technology that allows it to heat up in a fraction of the time that most other similar brushes take.

Rich negative ions emitted by the double anion spray results in smoother, shinier hair, and seven different temperature settings make it suitable for use to straighten out all types of hair, from thin and straight to thick and frizzy.

The bristle tips are surprisingly soft, so the bristles are gentle on the scalp and do not cause any unnecessary damage.

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