How to Make Money Freelancing Online

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3 Awesome Deal Hack Tools to Save You Boatloads

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Most Influential Women in Tech

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What women Want…. From Tech!

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Oculus Touch

For a long time it seemed that virtual reality gaming was going to go the way of the jet pack: anticipated, planned, designed – but simply not practical for actual use in the real world. But, at last, it seems that virtual reality gaming is not just around the corner, it is here! First of all, banish thoughts of clunky, chunky metallic gloves, loaded

Why Your Mac Isn’t Virus Proof

332px-Aluminium_MacBook There are plenty of reasons to prefer a Mac to a Windows or Linux machine. Mac computers are better for people who work on creative projects. The hardware and software they use to deal with, manage and edit photo, video, design and audio files is (almost across the board) superior to the hardware and software used in Windows and Linux machines. The ability

Samsung SUHD Introduces Peak Illuminator Ultimate

Samsung SUHD TV Samsung is constantly trying to introduce new technology and this is quite clear when looking at the new Samsung SUHD TV Line. It is a name that makes it seem as if we are faced with a brand new technology that was invented by the company but the truth is that we are faced with something a little old, ultra high definition, with various extra improvements

A Guide for First Time Homebuyers in Australia

When people are first planning to get on the property ladder it can be a daunting process. It will, in nearly all cases, be the most expensive purchase that people have made to date in their lives. There’s so much to consider and also new things to learn; you have to get your head around all the new terminologies being thrown in your direction, understand new

Gaming is not just a boy’s world

igg_womavaonseclif More girls than ever are discovering the fun that can be had playing video games. At the same time, though this is a growing trend, it is still challenging to find games that feature strong female protagonists. We still live in a world in which the majority of gamers and developers are male. Luckily, many developers realize that gaming is not just a boy's world