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The Ultimate Luxury Vacation on St. Martin

igg_fabbeaofsaimar Out of all the Caribbean islands in this gorgeous region St. Martin ranks among its top destinations, as it is blessed with flawless beaches, soaring peaks, divine French cuisine, and plenty of amazing luxury accommodations. With many oceanside St. Martin villa rentals with stunning views, you won't have an issue finding a place that will set you up for

Should You Still Get a Computer?

igg_appdestopcom As smartphones, tablets, and other more compact mobile devices become more powerful, it seems like purchasing a desktop computer has become a redundant thing to do. Oftentimes, most people sell or discard their larger electronic gadgets once they purchase the latest smartphone. If you are thinking about doing the same, it is highly recommend that you

Cutting The Cord – Change to a SIP Line for Phone Calls!

640px-Museum_of_Communications_Vintage_Telephone_Equipment As technology evolves it is up to us to find a way to make best use of these advancements for businesses and schools. While the obvious benefit of working these developments into an existing business or educational facility is improved services, cost is also something that can be affected too (and in the good way I might add!). Here are some benefits of using

Why Aren’t There More Apps for Women?

igg_asiwomchesmaphoontra A recent survey revealed that women not only install 40 percent more apps than men but, more astoundingly, pay 87 percent more for those apps. This means that not only are women much more app hungry then there male counterpart but that they are even more willing to invest money in their pursuit of them. Therefore, from the standpoint of an app designer

Digital Nomad Hubs in Latin America

igg_sunrisincosric While Southeast Asia gets the lion's share of the attention when it comes to digital nomad hubs around the world, Latin America is also home to a variety of cities and nations where the cost of living is low, and the lifestyle benefits are high. Whether you choose to explore the possibility of setting up in the heart of Central America by taking some Costa