5 Signs That You’ve Watched Star Wars Too Many Times

How big a Star Wars fan are you? Well, I guess it is difficult to gauge, do you measure it by how many times you’ve watched the film, how much memorabilia you own or how much Tattoine you can speak. Gauging your level of fandom can be difficult, there are those out there that simply love Star Wars and there are those out there like Wendy Eber who are obsessed by it aka. the super fans. To lend some assistance to help you figure out what level of fan you are, here are some telltale signs that you have possibly watched the Star Wars movies just a little too much, if you have done all the things on this list and still don’t feel like you’ve seen enough Star Wars, then go ahead and put yourself in the super fan category.


Change Everything into Yoda’s Voice

Ah Yoda, the pint-sized oracle who can not only train students how to use the force and see what the future offers, but can also kick some butt. It is Yoda’s way of speaking that we focus on here, his pig Latin-esque way of reshuffling sentences back to front. If you find yourself adopting Yoda’s way of speaking in daily life, perhaps at work or among friends then it looks like you’ve overdone it a little on the movies and ‘worry you should’.

Use The Force On Automatic Objects

Another indicator that perhaps you’ve watched too much Star Wars is if you pretend that you are using the force to operate automatic equipment. Once or twice is ok, we’ve all been there, but opening an automatic door, starting the hand drier and opening garage doors every day using ‘the Force’ is a little excessive and you should take some time out from the Galaxy far, far away.

Waiting For the Force Theme to Make a Big Decision

 If life was perfect and we lived in utopia then I’m pretty sure that the ‘Force’ music would play whenever any big decision was about to be made. Whether this would be practical or not in a government setting for example, I’m not so sure but in everyday life on the street it would be brilliant. The sad fact is that we don’t live in such utopia and if you are find yourself waiting for the music then you’ve probably been bingeing a bit too much on Star Wars.

The Padawan Braid

Not the greatest of fashion choices but an indicator of your adoration for Star Wars is the Padawan braid, the rattail of a haircut that indicates you are training to be a Jedi. In the real world however, you’re not training to be a Jedi and the haircut looks a little silly, time to take some time away from the screen.

Asking For Blue Milk in the Supermarket

Unfortunately, supermarkets don’t stock Aunt Beru’s blue milk and if you find yourself asking for it in the grocery store or in a restaurant then you are going to get some strange looks. If you do insist on such a level of dedication then try some blue food coloring, that should do the trick.