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How to pass the time until Game of Thrones returns

Recently, the last episode of Season 7 aired, meaning Game of Thrones fans once again have to cope with life without their favorite show being at its center. With a wait that could stretch as long as 15 months, it is imperative you have a way to occupy yourself, lest you go insane. In this post, we'll share several ideas that will help you pass the

Samsung SUHD Introduces Peak Illuminator Ultimate

Samsung is constantly trying to introduce new technology and this is quite clear when looking at the new Samsung SUHD TV Line. It is a name that makes it seem as if we are faced with a brand new technology that was invented by the company but the truth is that we are faced with something a little old, ultra high definition, with various extra improvements

How to Keep the Immortal Alive: We Miss Twilight!

by  magesomido Ever since Edward Cullen came out of the shadows and into the light to sweep Bella Swan off her feet, the world has been gripped by the Twilight series. Despite being the better part of a century old, Cullen puts a vicelike grip on Swan and, subsequently, the hearts of swooning females across the world. Unfortunately, all good things