How to pass the time until Game of Thrones returns

Recently, the last episode of Season 7 aired, meaning Game of Thrones fans once again have to cope with life without their favorite show being at its center.

With a wait that could stretch as long as 15 months, it is imperative you have a way to occupy yourself, lest you go insane.

In this post, we’ll share several ideas that will help you pass the time between now and the final season premiere of Game of Thrones.

1) Play games on the internet

If one thing is certain, watching shows like Game of Thrones is an excellent way to unwind in one’s free time.

With the show being off the air for an undetermined period of time, though, you’ll need to come up with ways to occupy yourself. Poker is a great way of doing this, but don’t think it will be easy, as this game is filled with grisly characters who can be tough to beat.

Scared? Don’t be. Imagine your favorite characters on Game of Thrones playing poker. If you want to dominate at poker on the web, each of these characters has personal qualities you can learn from.

Do this, and you will become a winning player in no time.

2) Go outside

After a summer spent obsessing over the fortunes of the Lannisters and the Starks, there is precious little good weather left to be enjoyed – so seize the day and head out into the great outdoors.

Even if you don’t engage in much physical activity on a daily basis, going for a hike in the woods will allow your mind to unknot, making it possible to let the events of the past season to sink in.

If a character you loved met their end, spending time in a forested environment will help to ease the hurt that has been festering in your soul.

Find your closure in a quiet wooded area, and you’ll be ready for what lies ahead in Season 8.

3) Plan a trip to famous Game of Thrones backdrops

Haven’t gone abroad much lately? With the series set to end at the conclusion of next season, there has never been a better time than now to take a trip to all the locations where the most memorable scenes in Game of Thrones have been shot.

From King’s Landing (Dubrovnik, Croatia) to the Dark Hedges (Ballymoney, Northern Ireland), there are plenty of spots all over Europe where this TV series has been shot, allowing you to experience the best of this continent in the process.

4) Indulge in the rumors and speculation concerning Season 8

When all else fails, the next year or so will give you plenty of time to speculate on what will go down in the final season of Game of Thrones.

Will Jaime survive? How will Jon Snow weather the controversies surrounding his recent actions? Will the Dragons mess everybody up?
Everybody has their own answer to these questions – if you have your own theories, leave your mark on the community and share your thoughts.